Saturday, 4 June 2016

It's getting better!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back here again!

Well, the promised sunshine arrived but late this afternoon, just as The Missus comes back from her 'Master Class' at the village hall!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be burning hot sunshine and a mini heat wave! OK, I suppose I am exaggerating a tiddly bit but there will be sunshine!

Still, down on the beach there was no wind and it was pleasantly warm! Miss May decided to have a go at making a 'sand drawing' of a ferret!

A Big Ferret!

I've got a really god feeling about this picture!
After a while she gave up 'cos she was trying to draw April who just wouldn't stay still!

It's me morning pill kicking in!
 We met up with Bert on his morning walk and Holly said she wasn't going to leave the beach and if he wanted a game then he had to come down onto the beach!

.....but I'm not allowed onto the beach!
 In the end Holly relented and waddled off to say hello!

The things Holly does for Bert!
 Back home we cleaned the ferret cages and while Freddy's cage was being cleaned he and Wendy kept on jumping onto Old Two Legs and playing 'Tickles'!

They start off by sticking their noses into OTL's ear and then run down his back and roll onto the floor waiting for OTL to tickle their tummy's!

Freddy just loves that game and rolls around laughing his whiskers off!

Lunchtime both Freddy and Wendy were fast asleep in their cuddle cup after having a super rampage around the house! So it took some time to get them up out of bed but a cap full of Ferretone soon had them up and running!

The tide was in and with the lack of wind there was a just a gentle swell. Well, I just couldn't resist the call of the sea and was soon splashing around in the water!

Holly was giving me ear ache and telling me I was in deep poo with OTL, but I just didn't care!

Come on out you silly woofer or OTL will see you!
Freddy rushed down to the waters edge and started to blow raspberries at the waves!

He is so brave!

Can't get me! Can't get me! Can't get me! Can't get me!
 Then he was off to the Sea Kale for a roll while OTL found a stick and threw it into the water for me!

No, I'm not going any further!
That didn't please Holly who was still telling me I was in trouble!

It was lucky that back in the car there was one of our Doggy Towels and when we got back I got a good rub down which got rid of all the drips!

Back home we had Doggy Scoff waiting for us and you know what? I was so hungry after my swim that I woofed it all down in one go!

After a little snooze it was time to collect TM from the village hall after the Master Class!

Holly and I stayed at home and kept a watch out of the bedroom window until she and OTL got back.

Now it is waiting time until dinner is served and we get into mugging mode!

Now, what's this about Archie Babe getting a Horse Tablet to chew on? OTL crushes Aprils tablet and mixes it with Lactose Free Milk and some Ferretone and she slurps it all down but if you can't crush it them Archie will just have to chew it!

Keep yer tail up Archie!

See you tomorrow when the sun will be out!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.