Friday, 18 April 2014

Trying to Teach a Ferret to Line Dance & Caravan Fun with OTL

Hello Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Old Two Legs has a big list of jobs he has to do over the weekend, they all involve water and washing things, like, The Caravan, The Big Car, The Little Car, The Garden Path and other stuff!

We had a list for him as well and goes like this, Walk, Walk, Walk, and Walk!

It was sunny but with a bit of a wind this morning but Mr Brambles insisted on being carried on OTL's arm all the way down to the beach!

While Miss Snowflake was sniffin' about, Mr Brambles called out, 'Race You To The Top' and off he went!

Here comes Brambles!
Miss Snowflake said she didn't fancy all this rushing about and she would stay down the bottom having a sniff!

Sniffing is better than all this rushing about!
Of course, in no time Mr Brambles was at the top and showing off just 'cos he got up there first!

I'm the Winner, The Winner, The Winner!
 Miss Holly Dog had gone on ahead to sniff out the path and OTL couldn't see her anywhere. So, OTL insists that he must be able to see us all at all times, even if we are a mile down the beach, so, he gave one of his Big Whistles which means 'Come Back to Me!

Back came Holly, tearing along the path saying 'Wot You Want OTL?' Mind you, she knew exactly what OTL wanted really!

You want Little Me?
Pretty soon we were all up on the path, Holly and I were Sniffin' The Sniffs while the ferrets went hunting Mouses and Voles!

Mouses have been here!
I said that ferrets should think of something else to do other than chasing Mouses and I suggested they try some Line Dancing. I set about showing them.

The trouble with ferrets is that they don't know their left paw from their right paw and they kept on getting out of step with each other!

No, Look, This is you Left Paw!
In the end I gave up and we all went home for some breakfast followed by a snooze.

That was until OTL started to wash the caravan, we were inside the caravan and as OTL moved down one way Holly and I ran down the caravan woofing at him!

Then we woofed at anyone who walked past the caravan, it was a good thing OTL left the blinds up!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again but I didn't go in swimming 'cos it too cold and the waves were splashing right up on the beach!

Not a day for swimming!
Holly and I chased a couple of rabbits and then tried a bit of 'Parallel Sniffing', it sort of sniffing but in Stereo!

Stereo Sniffing!
I had a quick blast along the Sea Wall doing my Line Dancing Practise that I was trying to show the ferrets!
Yer Put Yer Right Paw In!
All of a sudden I heard a load of woofing coming from the top of the hill but I didn't woof back, I just stood there looking for them!

I did hear a woofer up there!
Holly on the other paw, ran up the hill to say hello to the woofers and left me at the bottom!

By the time I got up there the woofer had wandered off with his owners and Holly was there grinning all over her face!

Don't worry, I sorted them out!
Back in the car, OTL was looking at some birds on a bush but we both woofed at his to 'Get Back Home' for a snooze!

Come on OTL, Home!

Back home we had our snooze and a little bit of chicken that was left over from breakfast and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon while OTL went back to work again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.