Monday, 15 July 2013

The Day After!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

First of all, Snowflake says she is a bit sad today 'cos she doesn't have anyone to cuddle. Having a cuddle with Old Two Legs is just not the same any more!

Yeah, Right, we know who she wants a cuddle with!

First of all, a big 'Woofin' Hello' to PAnneM (Annie to her mates!) who has signed up as a Follower. We hope you enjoy our daily reports on the goings on in our household and the unfolding tale of Snowflakes adventures or misadventures!

We all went for a stroll along the Sea Wall this morning and Snowflake started to wriggle in OTL's arms when we got to the beach, so much that she ended up jumping from his arm onto the sand!

It was good running along side of her and dive into the grass chasing Grass Hoppers!

Back home we went into 'Lazy Mode' and after some breakfast we all crashed out, except OTL who was plonking away on the computer in the office!

That was until The Missus says that a bumblebee has landed on the Water Fountain Rose, which is a bit of a laugh calling it a Water Fountain, I could wee higher than the water gets!

OTL gets the camera out and has a play with the flash at an angle to the bee who, at the first flash, falls off the Rose and into the water. So, OTL sticks his finger under the bee, who grabs on and is lifted back to the Rose.

We all thought that OTL would feel a sting but he managed to get away with it this time!

So, here we are, a wet and bedraggled Buff Tailed Queen Bee!

OK, Who shoved me in the water?
 After OTL got her out she still didn't look too happy!

Just another Wet Monday!
 That was it, we left her to get on with it and went back to snoozing, except when anyone knocked on the door, then we go into 'Woof Mode', just to let OTL know we are On Guard!

Lunch time came and out we went, it was a bit warm out and Holly and I almost decided to stay indoors but the thought of a juicy rabbit decided it!

No Rabbits!

We reckon that they were down in their burrows with the air conditioning turned up full blast and were watching Bugs Bunny on the Cartoon Channel!

Bugs Who????
OTL had his camera with him, as normal, but this time he had left the 400mm lens on and this is normally for things far away.

So, not to be beaten, he tried some insect type photo's and this is what he came up with.

I'm the King of the Flowers!
 So he went Zoooom! with the lens and there he was, cheeky little butterfly, hiding in the blossom!

Can't see Me!

Oh Yes We Can!

And both were done, hand holding the camera, not a tripod to be seen!

Back home OTL thought it may be a good idea to let Snowflake have a splash around in the shower, so he half filled a Poo Tray with water and placed it in the shower. Then, picking Snowflake up he dangled her paws in the water.

Snowflake was Not Happy!

So next OTL tried sliding her back legs into the water.

Snowflake was Not Happy At All!

Then she wiggled a bit and OTL wet his hand and rubbed it on her belly.

 That was it! She almost jumped out of the shower and even when she got some more water rubbed on her back she went ever so slightly berserk!

That was it, OTL wrapped her up in a towel and dried her off and to make up for it, she got a slurp of Ferretone!

You know what was most impressive?

She didn't bite OTL at all, not even a grab!

We reckon she is waiting until she gets a mate before going after OTL!

Talking of that, we have an appointment on Wednesday to visit the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre to talk about a suitable mate for Snowflake, so she has got to be on her best behaviour!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Damp but still Chuckling!)