Friday, 27 September 2013

Another Sandy Escapade!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us again, Daisy & Holly.

It has been a great day today, loads of fun with Old Two Legs. First of all we went out for our morning stroll in the woods, we met up with that big Bozo Labrador again and I growled at him but he didn't run away, so we sat down and looked at him until his owner dragged him away! Then we went for our walk in the woods, Holly is still not too happy about it but says she is getting used to it now!

It's a Bozo!
OTL dragging her that is, not the woods!

We saw some fungi starting to poke it's head above the grass and OTL has promised to get on his knees before the holiday is finished to see if he can get some pictures!

OK, It's Fungi Time!
We were threatened with some Doggy Scoff this morning but The Missus said that if OTL took her shopping, we could have some Lambs Heart tonight.


After doing the shopping TM said she was going to get on making a special birthday card for Archie's Mum. As normal, TM is always late to send a birthday card, mainly because she is trying to make every one a 'Work of Art'!

So, Happy Birthday Elaine!!!! At least you get a 'Happy Birthday' in time from us!

Say Hello to Archie for us and hope is is getting better and his bits are not too sore!

After taking all the shopping back home we headed off to Titchwell Marshes again. We love that place, it's got miles of sandy beaches and big seaside puddles you can sit in and roll in and run through!

When we got to the beach, instead of turning left, as we normally do, this time we turned right and had a good game of 'Chase The Ball'.

OTL tried to get a picture of a bird that was chasing a smaller sea gull type around all over the sky, it was being a big bully, but we are not sure what make it is!

Bully Bird!
It was all very interesting, that was until I caught the sniff rabbit!

Guess Wot I Sniff!
That was it, Holly and I were off over the sand dunes sniffin' and digging and woofing and chasing.

At first we didn't find any rabbits out of their holes and we had a good time pretending we had been chasing one, just to keep OTL busy searching for us!

Then it was back onto the beach for another splash in the sea and a sniff and a roll in the sand.

The next best thing to a Roll in a Sniff is a Cooling Paddle!
 OTL was doing his 'Sneaky Sneaky' creep up on the birds having a snooze on the beach.

Snoozy Sea Gulls!
 Well, we showed him what we do with snoozy birds!

Once that was done we headed back to the sand dunes and this time we kicked up a couple of rabbits and Holly and I went into 'Hunting' mode, we were woofing and yelping and jumping all over the place. Of course OTL was standing on top of the dunes calling us but that didn't worry us, we were having too much fun!

Me, Leading Holly Astray!
Well, in the end OTL got to us and the rabbit had disappeared, so we couldn't get to it and we ended up on the lead and being marched down to the beach again!

When we got there, Holly was let off the lead 'cos OTL says that it was me who was leading her astray by chasing rabbits!

As if!
Holly managed to find a good sniff on the air and followed it back down the beach, looked at me then smiled and had a good roll in it!

Hey! Guess Wot I've Jus' Rolled In?
She knew OTL wouldn't let me off the lead to have a roll, so she was just teasing me!

Back to the car and we crashed out again, both of us were exhausted after all that running, still, we had out Lambs Heart to look forward to when we got back and of course, there is always OTL's dinner that is up for grabs!

TM is off tomorrow to some local Glue & Glitter Crop, so we be out with OTL again but at the moment we haven’t decided just where we will be going. We will have a chat tonight and decide then.

Maybe Fungi Hunting!

Little Baby Fungi?
So, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (An early night for us tonight!)