Monday, 30 November 2015

The Battle Continues!

Hi Woofers!

We're back, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma!

You know we have some right Bozo's living in our village, I mean, last night, just as we were thinking about bed, they start letting off the Whizz Bangs again! This time Holly was already sitting on Old Two Legs lap so she was 'Mid Cuddle' and tried not to take too much notice of the noise!

We are still having fun with Fred and the Poo Pots! OTL reckons it is like a game of Draughts or Checkers. As soon as OTL clears up a pile in one corner, Fred lands one in another corner, then OTL clears that one only to turn around and find Fred has done a sneaky 'Marker Poo' on top of the cloth in the other corner!

The best bit is when we turn on the lights to say 'Hello and Good Morning'! We see that the cloths are poo free and very neatly spaced, and facing the same way, a line of Fred poo's across the empty space in the middle of the cage floor!

It wasn't so cold this morning and the wind had dropped as well, so May and April spent more time on the ground having a sniff.

While we were on the beach we met up with The Lads and Poppy was still totally in love with the ferrets!

They are So Sweet!
 May and April were keeping close to OTL's legs, just in case any of the other woofers wanted to play 'Chase The Ferret'!

After they had gone, April wanted to have a run along the Sea Wall instead of the beach 'cos she says the sand and shells feel funny on her paws!

This is better and it files my claws back as well!
Back home, May and April get a run around while OTL cleans the cage and I forgot they were loose. I had left the safety of the bed and wandered into the office and noticed the cage door was open!

'Where are the ferrets'? I asked, OTL said they were 'Right behind you'! That was it, I didn't touch the ground on my way back to OTL's bed!

OK, where are they?
 Lunchtime came and it still wasn't raining,m so, OTL woke up Fred and Wilma!

Wilma was not bothered by the harness and the travelling cage 'cos she did it all yesterday but Fred was a little unsure.

Are we there yet?
When they got put down first of all they were too worried about the big open spaces that they forgot to have a wee!

First lesson of walking out, get the first wee in as soon as possible!

This is BIG!
Fred was amazed at the size of grass field and the strange sloshing sound of the sea, he thought it could be a Monster!

He really was blown over by The Beach and the sand and stones and sea shells!

This is amazing........and it's called Sand? ........Can you eat it?
Fred & Wilma had a run along The Sea Wall and then there was the Rock Wall and the Slope followed by The Stairs and then The Grass Path!

There was so much to see and sniff that Fred kept getting worried and needed to be picked up and cuddled by OTL, until he regained his composure and went back to investigating!

I never knew the world was so big!
In between sniffing and cuddles we got back to the car without meeting any woofers and Fred just couldn't stop talking about all the sniffs and just how big it all was!

I think he is going to have lots of fun on our walks, though I'm not sure what The Lads will make of a ferret nearly as big as them!

Holly and I got a treat of a teeth cleaning chew and I left my bit under the cushion and of course, Fred just had to find it and spend some time cleaning his teeth!

This is too good for woofers!
When we got back, guess what we got served up with?


Doggy Scoff!  Yuk! Yuk! YUK!

We are off to sulk and more than likely we will mug OTL tonight, his dinner sniffs good at the moment but it may get 'Caramelized', as normal, we'll just have to wait and see!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's the Battle of the Poo Pots!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again!

You know, we thought that all of those nasty Whizz Bangs had finished but last night some Bozo was letting them off just before we went to bed. Holly and I gave them a good woofing but they didn't stop and we then jumped onto Old Two Legs lap for a cuddle!

They were still whizz banging when we went to bed but a cuddle with OTL made it all right and even Holly stopped shaking!

This morning, because it is Sunday, we decided to have an extra hour sleeping, except The Missus who was up early 'cos she had and 'insparation' for a card design.

I think that an extra hour in bed is better!

Down on the beach it was windy but not cold, so that means OTL got Miss April out of the bag a bit earlier and got her jogging down the grass path!

Down on the beach she got back in the bag 'cos she doesn't really like the wet sand, so OTL let her off this time!

Miss May was down on the sand with us and joining in sniffing all the sea weed and a few other smelly sniffs!

Hey! This is a Salty Sniff on the Sea Weed!
 Even when May called out to April to join us on the beach, April said she would pass on the invitation this time!

Come on, don't be a Wimp!'
 Up on the grass path she joined us in the sniffing and we found what we think is Weasel, and we followed it from one side of the path to the other!

Yes, Weasel definitely a Weasel!
Back home we went off for breakfast while OTL did the 'cage cleaning'. Now the Page 3 Girls have got it all sorted and use the Poo Pot properly and it doesn't take too long to clean their living space but Fred & Wilma's pad is something else!

They both will go down to the bottom floor and use the Pink Poo Tray, then they might use the other Poo Tray, then, Fred manages to poo between the poo pots and behind the poo pots and in between the water bowl and the poo pot!

So, OTL put a piece of cloth in the places Fred poo's and after he has had a poo, the cloth was moved, together with the poo, into the poo tray. OTL's idea was that he would recognise his sniff and carry on using the pot.

No, it didn' work 'cos he just went back to the, now clean, space and did another poo!

So, next experiment is to remove one tray, put two pieces of cloth in his pooing spots so it will be easy to clear it up tomorrow morning.

I've got a feeling Fred with pull another trick on OTL!

We will see!

Wilma has been all full of life today, dooking her way around the house and chasing OTL and Fred around and generally going a little potty!

Even when she was put back in the cage she was still charging about and rattling the cage door. So, OTL got her new harness and adjusted it to fit then dressed her and put her in the travelling cage!

Fred was fast asleep, so he was left to carry on snoozing!

On the way down to the car park, Wilma was getting a bit concerned especially as Fred wasn't with her. So, OTL had to put his finger through the cage door and tickle her chin to reassure her.

Once she was out and on the lead she was full of wonder, all this grass, all these sniffs, and, she could run around in the grass, away from OTL!

Mind you, she did some times get a bit worried and scampered back to OTL's boot and get picked up for a stroke and tickle before wriggling to get down and off she would go again!

Down on the beach she was amazed at the feel of sand between her claws but she didn't have a go at digging a hole, maybe she has never tried digging a hole?

Next time she comes out we will show her how to dig a hole!

What is a Hole?
 She was galloping up and down the beach sniffing at all the sniffs but OTL kept her away from the waves in case she got wet! Maybe when it gets warmer he will let her get her paws wet!

I've never sniffed such super sniff!
 Back home she rushed back into the cage to wake Fred up to tell him about the grass and the beach and the sand and the sniffs but Fred was just too fast asleep!

Maybe we will take him out tomorrow and introduce him to the sniffs, providing it's not pouring with rain!

We are off now to see what is for dinner, I know we got Lambs Heart but we start with OTL's plate first!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Saturday with Old Two Legs!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

As you know, The Missus is off playing Glue Slapping today with all her mates, so that means we get some quality time with OTL!

First off, I woke him up at four to lick his ear and have a cuddle, then Holly and I went off for a search around down stairs to see if there were any nibbles left from last night!

TM was off early to open up the Village Hall while OTL had breakfast with the ferrets and Holly and I finished off our nights sleep!

Soon we were down the car park and off for a walk. Miss April didn't fancy a walk and instead got back in the bag and cuddled up to OTL's camera!

May on the other paw was quite happy to get out and join us in sniffing the sniffs along the path. Then, all of a sudden Holly says 'Where's April?'  She thought we had lost her 'cos she forgot she was back in the bag!

Where's April?
Needless to say, April was snoozing her tail off!

OTL kicked her out when we got onto the beach but she still wanted to get back in the bag. 'I just don't do Wet or Cold' she said, trying to climb up OTL's trouser leg!

We got to the Sea Wall and Poppy stuck her head over the edge to say good morning and would we put a good word in with Santa Paws 'cos she hadn't heard back if she was getting a ferret for Christmas!

Miss May said that if she misses out, we have a sweet little ferret called Nipper' who we could do a deal on!

Yeah! Nipper will be just right for you!
I think she was joking, well, I do hope she was! Can you imagine it? Christmas Morning trying to find a vet 'cos Nipper has ripped the legs off all the woofers in the house!

OTL reckons that only Archie Babe stands a chance!

Back home May got into a strop trying to get out of her cage and fight Wilma and of course Wilma was teasing May by running up the cage again!

In the end OTL had to put May into the 'Naughty Box' just to settle her down!

Now, did we tell you what happened regarding the Mince Meat? No? Well, Wilma emptied the bowl of mince and stashed it behind the hanging bed and OTL took the other bowl and put it in with the Page 3 Girls. In the morning, there were signs of some of the stashed meat being eaten, but not much and on top of that there was a strange coloured poo in the tray! OTL worked out it was Wilma who had done the poo 'cos Fred's poo is much bigger.

OTL cleared it all out and flushed it away down the Two Legs Poo Pot. Then he went back to see what the Page 3 Girls had eaten. Again, a little had gone, but not much. It looks like they have tried a bit then gone back to the Kibble they normally eat!

Success? Not sure, but we will try it again in a day or or two and see what happens. If it fails then we reckon OTL will have Cottage Pie for the next six weeks!

This afternoon we spent snoozing and watching some recorded program OTL likes watching. Tonight we will be watching the F1 Qualifying, so we will all be going Brm Brm!

OTL is off to pickup TM from the hall so we will be sitting by the widow watching for them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma'

Friday, 27 November 2015

Shampoo & Set Please and don't forget my Claws!

Hi Woofers!

We are all back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma!

Where to begin? At the beginning I think!

The beginning was at six fifteen when Old Two Legs fell out of bed and left Holly and me in charge, two woofers in charge of the bed, this is the life!

The ferrets were still asleep 'cos it was still dark and they don't do any activity in the dark, except wander down to the Poo Tray every so often!

It was quite mild outside so May and April had their harnesses fitted and off we went.

As soon as we were out of the car, May wanted a wee and April wanted to get into the bag!

Off we went down the path to the Sea Wall. On the way we met a couple of Woofers we sometimes see, one was on a lead 'cos he always wants to run away but the other just bounds about being silly!

This morning he spotted the ferrets in OTL's arms, 'Hey!' he says 'I just fancy a bit of Ferret on Toast for me breakfast, all covered with bacon fat!'

The ferrets snuggled deeper down into OTL's arms!

Mmm Ferret on Toast?
Well, I wasn't having that, they may be a nuisance sometimes but they are our ferrets and as such they are seen as being close to getting Honorary Woofer Status which equates to being family, and no one messes with our family!

Leave our ferrets alone mush or I'll rip yer ears off!
He said he was sorry and was only joking but I think I may have left an impression on him!

No One messes with us!

Up the path we met up with The Lads who were in the middle of doing some mugging, so, that was it, Holly and I were straight in and got a nibble each before heading off to the beach with the ferrets.

Come on, get in line, form a queue!
Down on the beach we saw that the Half Boat was still there! It had been hiding under the water when the tide came in!

Fooled Ya!
Being a bit warmer today, Miss April ran almost all the way back to the car, so that was one up for OTL!

We didn't go back home, instead we headed off to the Parlour for our Wash and a Splosh. You would not believe the noise that hair drier makes and us woofers are held in a contraption that stops us from running away, it's torture!

I won't bore you with the details but put it this way, we were pleased when OTL came to pick us up!

OK, we did look good and OK, we did sniff like a pair of Tarts but we were pleased to leave there!

We headed off to the beach for a walk before heading home.

Back home Fred & Wilma have been out of their cage and have been exploring the house while OTL tried to keep a watch on them!

Wilma is doing a 'May' and is climbing all over the Page 3 Girls cage hunting ferret!

Come out, come out!
Now, what is she? Poley, Coloured or Polecat Ferret?

Mr Fred was more interested in swimming in the crate full of Ping Pong Balls, he said climbing is too dangerous!

I don't do Climbing!
We are expecting some Lambs Heart tonight so it can't be all bad!

Tomorrow The Missus is off to her Glue & Glitter thing up at the Village Hall, so we will be stretched out on the sofa eating nibbles and watching the F1 racing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma

Thursday, 26 November 2015

We see Dave Again, And Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again!

Loads of running around today. We started off with our walk down on the beach. Miss April is getting all very crafty, as soon as Old Two Legs gets her out of the bag, she crouches down and refuses to move, that is until OTL walks back and gets near enough to her that she thinks she has a chance of climbing up his leg. So, she rushes forward but OTL steps away and she then chases him for a few steps before  she crouches down again!

This carries on for a little while and sometimes OTL picks her up and she snuggles back into the bag but towards the end of the walk, she is running with Miss May back to the car. OTL can keep his legs!

So, one way or another, she gets some exercise and her claws get worn just a little on the concrete. You know, April and May haven't had their claws trimmed since they have been with us and that was the beginning of August!

Holly and I get our claws trimmed every time we have a Shampoo and Set, like wot we are having tomorrow!

Come on Ferrets!
Down on the beach we met up with young Dave. Now he doesn't have a mate to play with at home, so he gets all excited when he spots us and just can't keep still!

Come on! Let's Play!
We had a game of 'Chase' with him before he got called away. I just had to play a trick on him, you see Dave just believes everything Holly and I tell him, so, when he stopped for a wee, I told him.........

Here! I can see out your nose from here!
That was it, he said he would get to the vet to check it out as he was sure that was not supposed to happen!

We had great trouble keeping a straight face!

Back home OTL was having trouble with Nipper, he has been bashing away at his cage and is bending the bars. OTL reckons that he may install electrified bars to stop him from doing any more damage! I think that OTL will be pleased when Archie Babe or his Two Legs comes to collect him. It won't be as noisy at night either!

Fred & Wilma went off with OTL to the vet to get stabbed with a needle that will stop them getting Canine Distemper. OTL reckons it will be safe to take them out walking with us in about a week.

The vet was new and didn't know a lot about Ferrets, never heard of Ferretone and had only got near to a ferret when it was under anaesthetic!

It's a good job OTL has some knowledge on ferrets! You know he had to tell the vet to inject into the scruff of the neck and the vet was surprised just how tough the skin was! She had to give the needle a good shove to get it in Fred!

He didn't care, he was too busy slurping Ferretone!

OTL still left the vet's in tears, his wallet took a bashing!

Back home they came and by the time all the cages were cleaned, it was walkies time again and you'll never guess who we met!

It's Dave Again!
Dave had reported back to his TL about me being able to see from his tail all the way up to his nose. His TL said that I was pulling his tail and I was a Naughty Puppy and he shouldn't listen to us!

Us? Naughty? Never!

I went for a splash in the sea 'cos the tide was right in but there were no waves at all, dead flat!

Having a splash!
When we got to the beach, Holly pointed out that the 'Half Boat' had disappeared!

OTL reckons it is hiding! We shall see tomorrow morning when the tide is out!

Now, these Ferrets, OTL was having a chat with Rachel who owns a load of ferrets and was winning all the prizes at the Ferret Show. Her ferrets looked wonderful, bright eyes, super smooth coats. 'What's The Secret?' he says thinking that he has a year to get May, April, Fred & Wilma in tip top condition.

'Raw Meat' was the answer. Ferrets naturally will eat raw meat, no biscuits or any other stuff, just skin, flesh, bone, feathers and fur!

OTL is going to try to get Fred & Wilma to eat raw meat.

We have presented them with two small stainless steel bowls with two large spoon full of beef mince.

Fred had a sniff, tasted a bit, then went off to get a drink.

Wilma shoved her snout into the bowl, took a big mouthful and ran off to hide it behind their bed! Then she came tearing back, grabbed another mouth full and stashed it behind the bed again! And so on it went until the bowl was empty and their were chomping sounds coming from behind the bed!

OTL says that he will wait until tomorrow when he cleans the cage out to see if it is eaten or left as a stash!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Polecat or Polecat Ferret, that is the question!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

Now, it was most remiss of me but I didn't tell you the whole story of the Rawhide Chew yesterday.

Naughty Daisy!

Now, Holly and I were very good girls yesterday and we were given a Rawhide chew each. Holly and I straight away headed for our own 'Private Place' where we go to when we want to nibble a treat without anyone disturbing us.

I headed for the office and Holly headed for the sofa!

Well we both had a nibble and then went off to mug Old Two Legs out of some of his dinner. A bit later, like bed time, we both retrieved our chews and jumped onto OTL's bed and began to have a bit of a gnaw, much to the dislike of The Missus who grabbed both of the chews and hid them on top of the wardrobe!

I mean, if she wanted a nibble all she had to do was ask!

Now, another thing we have to do is to say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to Auntie Karen (The Cat Woman)
who has reached the ripe old age of Umpty One, again!

I mean, just how many times can you be Umpty One and get away with it?

The ferrets came with us for a walk this morning 'cos the sun was just getting up and it wasn't very cold, just a little dark!

A Sheerness Sunrise.
 It was OK getting down there early but we were fascinated by the cloud shapes, strange or wot?

Holly said that she reckon that the cloud was Altocumulus, and really it wasn't so rare!

She is such a Know it All some times!

Altocumulus with puffy bits?
 Miss April said that she thought it was Altocumulus as well and now that is sorted, can she have a carry?
I'm with her on the clouds and she said I deserve a carry!
 OTL had to go out today, so we had the whole office to our selves, bits of teeth cleaning chews and rawhide chews were all over the place and we even found the bone OTL got us up at the Doggy Shop!

He didn't get back until two thirty, so we were late going out for the lunchtime walk! We missed all The Lads who we normally see but we did see the beginning of  the sunset, which was promising to be as spectacular as the sunrise!

It has the look of a good sunset,
There was a funny looking cloud floating over us and it looked enormous, like a big ball of cotton wool!

That is one big cloud!
 Now, we have a little problem, we are undecided on the exact description of Fred & Wilma, OTL reckons they are Polecat Ferrets while Holly says they look like Polecats I think they could be Coloured Ferrets. So, we are going to get some pictures of them and put it out on the Fluffy Ferret Forum for suggestions, but it won't be for a week or so.

Holly says that she is willing to bet a Bonio she is right!

We shall see!

Right, we are off to see what is for dinner.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Wet Damp and we get a Rawhide Chew!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

Wot a dismal day! It has been grey and cloudy and every time we stick our noses out the door, it was raining!

This morning Old Two Legs got the ferrets ready to go out but at the last moment let them out of the travelling cage to go back to sleep! He said it was not the sort of weather the ferrets would enjoy and instead he let them out for an extra long rampage around the house.

We, on the other paw had to go walkies and when we got there it didn't look very exciting!

In fact it looked terrible!

We've seen better mornings!
OTL said we were a couple of Dismal Dora's' and we should look for something cheerful and uplifting!

So we did, Holly found this we sea weed that looked like it had diamonds hanging from the fronds!

Wet Sea Weed
Back home we found that Fred still hasn't got the hang of the Poo Pot yet and left another job for OTL to work on!

May and April had fun chasing each other and OTL around until they got put back in the cage again. May was still throwing a strop when OTL let Fred and Wilma out for a wander around the office.

While OTL was wandering back and forward Fred got out of the office for a wander, with OTL's permission, and investigated The Missus's card store room, then the bathroom and finally OTL's bedroom where he sat for a while looking out the window!

He also got half way down the stairs before OTL picked him up and headed back to the office!

Wilma managed to give OTL a couple of nips but they were 'Fun' nips and it didn't stop her getting a slurp of Ferretone from OTL!

Lunchtime it was still raining, so the ferrets stayed tucked up in bed while Holly and I had to brave the howling gales!

We met up with The Lads and managed to mug a tit-bit before carrying on with the walk.

I need a nibble 'cos I'm hungry!
Then we met up with Darcie who just loves OTL and she left her paw marks on his jacket when she jumped up to lick his nose!

She got told off for jumping up and OTL said it was OK 'cos he likes Darcie 'cos she is such a friendly woofer!

but he Likes his nose being licked!
 A bit further on we met up with a new woofer called George, who is a sort of Lurcher Type.

Now, his Two Legs was sitting on the bench with Georges Ball under his paw and of course if you got his ball, you got his attention!

Holly and I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to do wot all doggies do.

Have a sniff!
..........are they allowed to do this?
We didn't hang about 'cos OTL was marching off down to the beach where the 'Half Boat' was showing signs of disintegrating even further!

Not long now!
We saw a funny sight as we headed back to the car, there, at the top of the trees, hanging on for dear life, was this TL!

He looked so funny with a paw on each tree!

OTL said he was a Tree Surgeon, a sort of Tree Vet, who was 'Tidying up' the trees.

It's a Tree Vet
Well, all I can say is that I'm glad our vet just stabs us and doesn't do what the Tree Vet does, he chops bits off the tree! 

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma

Monday, 23 November 2015

It's Poo Pot Kicking Time!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, back again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred and Wilma!

It's been a chilly day today! This morning Miss April spent most of the time she was out, trying to get back into the bag!

As Old Two Legs hadn't brought the camera there was no reason for us to hang about and we were all back home in no time!

Back home OTL set about cleaning the cages.

Now Fred just can't seem to get the hang of a Poo Pot, I mean, there are two pots covering just over half of the ground floor but somehow he manages to poo in between them, not once but several times!

Now this means that there is more poo to shovel and because it takes longer, Fred and Wilma are out of their cages longer for a super run around the office and a game in the ball crate!

This doesn't  sit too well with Miss May, she hates the thought of someone getting attention from OTL. She hates the idea that another pair of ferrets are playing in their territory! She also hates the sight of these two new upstarts wandering over to her cage and sniffing the bars!

She tears around her cage, up and down the floors giving Fred & Wilma the evil 'Hairy Eyeball'!

Not that Fred & Wilma care in the slightest, they both just love having all that space to run around in!

Wilma loves hiding in all OTL's camera gear and jumping out at him, this morning she grabbed him on the arm with her teeth and put four puncture holes in his arm. It was a good job she was just playing but there was a little bit of blood!

After doing the Page 3 Girls cage and starting on Fred & Wilma's cage, May was getting a real big strop on and was kicking her Poo Pots all over the cage, there was all the cat litter being kicked out of the cage and thrown all over the carpet.

OTL thinks that the chance of them coming together as one 'Super Group' is very unlikely!

Lunchtime we left them all asleep and headed of to the beach on our own. I had another look at the boat and decided that it was past floating on it's own, instead I reckon the waves are beating it to pieces evey time the tide comes in!

I think it has had it!
Holly, not being the nautical type, sat down, let out a big 'Stage Sigh' and said she 'Really was not interested'!

Do I look as though I care?
We headed off up the grass path and she was more concerned about the size of her tail!

Of course it's big, it goes with the size of your Butt!
That's when the fight started!

Heading back it was getting dark and the sun was going down and it was starting to get chilly again!

Sunset over Grain!
Back home Fred & Wilma woke up and said 'Hello' to OTL, got a slurp of Ferretone and Fred had a cuddle while Wilma was kicking seven sorts of poo out of one of the squeaky rubber balls!

She was sinking her teeth into it and then giving it a really good shake then biting it again!

Fred wandered off and did another poo, in between the Poo Pots!

We are not sure if he is having a game with OTL or he really hasn't got the idea of reversing into the pot!

Turn the light out as you leave, we want a snooze!
That's it today Woofers, we are off to watch the 'Extended Blu Ray' Hobbit film about the five armies.

Hey, where does Gandalf keep his armies?

Up his Sleevies'!


Daisy, Holl, Miss May, Miss April Fred & Wilma.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

OTL is back to Shoveling Poo!

Hi Woofers!


It's, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wilma and Mr Fred!

Now, how about this?

May, Silver Jill                                                                                              April, Coloured Jill
 Well, we all survived the night! Both sets of ferrets crashed out once Old Two Legs had got the bedding, food and water sorted out and we didn't hear a thing until seven this morning as it got light!

Fred and Wilma haven't got the layout of the cage yet so there were piles of poo in all the corners and a couple in the Poo Pots!

One of two things will happen, they will settle on a Poo Pot each or carry on pooing all over the place, giving OTL something to look forward to after breakfast every morning!

Fred, who asks we drop the 'Mr', has been playing with OTL. While cleaning the cage out, he and Wilma, yes, she wants to drop the 'Miss' as well, they both had the run of the office to explore and sniff. While they were doing that, OTL was working on the cleaning bit.

The bottom cage which contains a Poo Pot and a dogs bowel of water, was particularly well represented with Fred's calling cards! Every time OTL stuck his arm in to wipe it up, both Fred and Wilma would dive back in to see what he was doing! OTL, being the careful type and having a few Ferret Tooth Scars, decided to put them both in the Travelling Cage while he finished up!

Mind you, they still had fun exploring the office and discovering all sorts of stuff!

Look! Bum Wipes!
Both Fred and Wilma have been chasing the Cat Tease and Fred has been laughing (Dooking) his tail off! Wilma has discovered the basket full of Ping Pong balls and has given one a severe 'Mullering' !

They don't run away either!
We won't be taking them out for walks yet, not until they have had their Distemper injections, so that is something OTL has got to organise next week!

Until then they will have to put up with the Ping Pong Balls!

Wilma's Mullered Ping Pong Ball!
 Our walk this morning was cold, very cold! It was -1 degree when we got into the car and we all called for the heater to be put on 'Full'!

Miss April wasn't too keen on running through the frosty grass and kept wanting to get back into the Ferret Bag! Miss May, being a bit hardier enjoyed herself and was jogging all the way back to the car!

Although the sun had got up, there was some super colour in the sky above Sheerness this morning and OTL had his Big Camera with him and took this shot.

Almost a silhouette!

It wasn't too long before Lunchtime arrived and we headed off to the beach again!

OTL decided to leave the ferrets at home 'cos they looked so comfortable all tucked up in their hammock!

I had a game of 'Bulldozers' which OTL says I copied from Miss May!

As if!
 But it was a good game!

Chasing OTL!
OTL has been processing some of the pictures from yesterday and we picked some for the blog.

In this one he is telling May to 'Be Brave' and 'Keep your Tail Up!'

Be Brave my little one!
 We like this one, the two winners looking tired after such a busy day!

Looking forward to a snooze!
Today we have been trying to train Archie Babes new ferret. He is a feisty thing and has already wreaked one cage. OTL had to use a cattle prod to keep him away while he welded up the cage bars! Still, we are expecting him to be tame enough to travel home without eating Archie Babe!

OTL says that instead of being called 'Nipper' he should have been called 'Munchie' 'cos he has munch his way through everything so far!

By the way, did you see me on Michael's blog yesterday?

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred and Wilma!