Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Rock Climbing and other stuff!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back again!

Old Two Legs is still getting his gear packed and Miss May was helping him this morning. She decided that the lenses in the crate may get damaged so she has put her Chicken Strips in between the
lenses. Now that was OK, right up to when Wendy found out what was keeping the lenses apart!

No one will disturb that lot!
We now have a crate devoid of Chicken Strips!

Out walking first thing, May was playing at 'Free Climbing' that is, climbing with out ropes. She reckons she could climb a Munro, from the back which is the hardest route!

Yeah Right!

Next it's Ben Nevis from the North!
We did point out that OTL was doing all that stuff a few years ago and she had to think of something new!

May said she could do some Hill Running and decided to practise on the grass path!

Come on, it's not a mountain!
While she was messing about Holly and I found a sniff that we thought may be a ferret but May said it was a Weasel!

Well, it sniffs like a ferret!
Lunchtime we were out again with Fred and Wendy. Fred really didn't want to go as he was enjoying a serious sleep and tried very hard not to wake up, even after OTL had lifted him out of his sleeping bed!

Freddy doing a Snooze!
 Down on the Sea Wall, OTL put Fred and Wendy down on the concrete so that as they ran or walked, they would trim their claws to a proper length.

Now that would be good, if you were walking on concrete, Freddy decided that his claws needed a soft sandy beach followed by some soft grass and did everything to get back in the bag!

I don't like this concrete!
 He got his wish 'cos a woofer was following us along the path and OTL was forced to carry Fred and Wendy to the beach!

Down on the beach Holly and I kept an eye on what the woofer was doing and soon it tuned around and headed back up the Se Wall.

We sorted that out!

Us, keeping an eye on a woofer!
 The ferrets had a walk along the beach but the tide was right in so they couldn't dig in the sand 'cos it was covered in water!

It was then that Freddy asked if we could all go onto the grass where it was more fun!

This is no fun, can we go digging in the grass?
 Now, you can tell Fred and Wendy are getting fitter, 'cos the walked all the way back to car park! OK, there were a couple of moments when he rolled onto his back and claimed he had 'Twisted his Claw'. Not that we took any notice and in the end he made it back to the car and had a good drink from our water bowl!

Holly said that she was wondering how Nipper was getting on as Archie Babe hasn't mentioned him for a while, maybe he is settling down to family life and given up the idea of becoming a Cage Fighter!

Fred has been spending more time cuddled up with Wendy, so that is good news and she has almost stopped trying to chase Freddy.

We are off to see what OTL has got for dinner, so bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.