Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Return to The Forest!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you.

Although it has not been blasting hot sun shine it has however been warm and sunny, in patches!

We were out again this morning with Snowflake, who stayed in Old Two Legs arms until we got to the furthest most point of our walk. Then, as soon as she got put down, she dived into the hay and was rolling around and diving under the grass having a super time!

Holly and I not only saw rabbits, but we saw a fox, twice, who was also after the rabbits. I think he wanted to invite them to breakfast!

After breakfast we let OTL do his stuff and got ready to go with him to do 'Deliveries'.

As Snowflake comes out with us in the morning, OTL doesn't take the camera with him 'cos 'two dogs and ferret are enough for anyone' says OTL!

Lunch time it's different, Snowflake is still snoozing and it's just OTL and us, and the camera!

Now, as you all know, when we are out with OTL, he will always include some super pictures of Holly and me, posing and just looking good! Unfortunately, this time of the year all he really is interested in is insects and flowers!

Normally we would complain but this time we let him off 'cos he took us down to The Farm! We hadn't been down there for ages! The sniffs were new and we even spotted a fox who was taking something small and furry back for his dinner!

OTL was busy with the tripod and camera. The first picture is of a plant we don't know what it is but the blue colour looked super!

To make it perfect, along came a bee and visited most of the flowers, how's that for timing!

Where's the Landing Lights?
 Then, a bit further down the path he spotted another colourful bloom and again, he had no idea of what it's called!

What we need is a Botanist!
 We went to The Farm 'cos OTL reckoned the poppies would all be out and blooming and the Corn Cockles would be there as well, no chance! We were either too early or too late, there were about a dozen poppies in the whole field and they mostly looked past their best!

He started of with this one that we think could be used for something other than sniffing!

An 'Original' poppy.
 We found this one that looked more like the ones we all know, the only problem was the wind, because the shutter speed was so slow 'cos the aperture was so small (f16 or f22) OTL had to use a special thing called a 'Plamp' which is really an arm that you mount on the tripod leg and with the other end, you hold the stalk in another clamp!

Looks good!

English Poppy!
One very small problem with the Plamp, when you take the picture, it always is there looking all sort of strange and odd!

So, OTL has done one of his tricks on the computer and removed it, if you look very carefully you can see where it was!

As we got to the end of our walk, OTL spotted another poppy in amongst the Rape plants, so, very carefully he parted the Rape and weeds and other stuff. Then, setting up the tripod he did this one, which, to our expert eyes is much better than the other one!

That's better OTL
 Not sure what's happening tomorrow, maybe we will go looking for more insects, maybe around our pond 'cos it's getting loads of attention with the flowers all blooming!

We have just heard that dinner is ready, so off we go!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Still asleep!)