Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Day at Dungeness!

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again from an exciting adventure at Dungeness!

We were up at the crack of dawn, well, maybe just a bit after the Crack bit!

Almost the Crack of Dawn!
We had a quick run around The Sea Wall and bumped into Oscar and his mate, out for a morning stroll.

Well, as normal, it was a quick sniff and a Hello to us and then off they went to play up to Old Two Legs, I'll tell you, it was so syrupy it made us want to go Yuk!

Syrupy Sid & Oscar!

We just had to move away, they were just too much that early in the morning!

We were sitting on the wall waiting for OTL when this slug jogged by, 'Mornin' it said, 'Can't stop, I'm training for the next London Marathon'!

Jogging Slug!
As Holly says, 'What ever turns you on!'

 Next stop Dungeness!
 We arrived as a load of Gulls were landing and making a bit of a racket, we think they were arguing about a bit of food and you know what a lot of noise gulls can make! Holly woofed at them asking which one tasted most like chicken, that shut them up!

Who Tastes of Chicken today?
 Well, OTL got going with his camera and we went for a walk with The Missus. We managed to kick up a rabbit and several birds and a couple of rats and Holly says she chased a Hare!

TM said she didn't believe the bit about the Hare!

We caught up with OTL and he showed us what he had done so far, pretty colours but no rabbits!

Pretty colours!
 I was in the 'Naughty Corner' 'cos I kept on chasing the rabbits and wouldn't go back to TM when she called, so, I had to spend some time on the lead as a punishment!

In the Naughty Corner!
 OTL has got something about old boats, he keeps photographing them when he goes down to Dungeness and today was no exception!

A Boat Off the Rails!
 Not only boats but the old Winding Gear that used to pull the boat up the beach!

Old & Rusty, Like OTL!
 OTL likes a joke with his photographs and this one we think is funny, do you think he knows there is a boat in the way!

Say Cheeeese!
 After lunch we went off to St Margarets Bay, it is so super down there, miles and miles of sandy beach and Holly and I can go at full speed for as long as we can run and we can chase the ball all over the place as well!

Holly doing a Runner with the ball!
 We had great fun chasing each other and grabbing the ball!

GissMyBallBack Holly Dog!
 After all that running about it was good to have a rest in big puddles on the beach!

Cooling Off!
 Holly didn't have a splash about, she just paddled around the edges!

OTL wanted to get a 'Sun Set' picture but right at the last moment the sun disappeared taking the red bits with it, so OTL was left with the Lighthouse, the Shadow and nothing else!

Not the Sunset he wanted!
 We didn't get back until late and as soon as I've finished typing this, I'm off to bed, 'cos Holly is already snoring her head off, almost as loud as TM when she gets going!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly