Monday, 27 April 2015

A Super Fun Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

Wot a Super Day it's been, the sun has been shining all day and Old Two Legs has been in a happy mood all day!

It started off this morning when he went to say 'Good Morning' to the ferrets. Both ferrets were awake and waiting for him. They both gave him a lick on his nose and told him to hurry up with their morning milk!

They have a small amount of Lactose Free Milk with a drop of hot water, just to take the chill off!

After getting showered he was back up with a tray on which was his 'Rabbit Food', a glass of orange juice, a mug of tea and two bowls of milk for the ferrets!

Now, what normally happens is, the ferrets slurp down the milk on double quick time while OTL has his breakfast whilst browsing his emails. Then, having slurped down all the milk, the ferrets have a rampage around the office and a game in their 'Adventure Playground'!

Then, when OTL has finished he gives the ferrets a slurp of Ferretone and fits their harnesses ready to go out walkies with us!

Somewhere between giving the ferrets their milk and getting their harnesses on the pair normally manage to leave a 'Marker Poo' each, somewhere in the office!

It's always a good game 'cos OTL has got to find them before going out 'cos if he doesn't, he may step onto them when he starts work and that would not be a good idea!

Here is the good bit.

Both ferrets have been sneaky and not done the poo in the usual places so OTL is getting frantic, is there a big pile of ferret poo lurking is some corner waiting for him to walk into, or, have the ferrets been super kind and left it in their poo tray, before OTL comes up with the breakfast tray?

Of course, the ferrets were keeping very quiet about this, just to wind OTL up!

Even down on the beach there were lifting their tails up and saying, 'Maybe or Maybe Not'!

Maybe we will or maybe we won't!
The sunshine over the estuary looked very calming this morning and even the ferrets stopped to look!

Yeah, it's OK but it hides the Rocks!
Back home we were packed off up stairs while OTL got the caravan ready to take to be serviced. He was planning to take it down there on his own!

Before he had hitched it up we had crept out the front door and into the front seat of the big car and waiting for him to hitch up!

After  we had dropped it off at the caravan menders we started to 'Talk' OTL, telling him we really needed a wee and a walk, and Now!

That means only one thing, we stop at The Forrest on the way back!

It was great, loads of sniffs from the flowers and we even saw a couple of squirrels as well!

Just for a change, it wasn't wet and soggy and full of mud! Today it was all dry enough to walk on!

OTL said we couldn't hang about 'cos he had work to be done!

We got back home and OTL was busy packing up the stuff for the carriers. He was planning on sneaking out with the parcels and leaving us behind, again!

No Chance! Does he never learn?

We were down at the front door before he had got the parcels down stairs!

After dropping off the parcels, Holly said she really fancied a Big Wee and could we go down to the beach on the way home.

It wasn't on the way home but let's face it, OTL falls for it every time!

We met up with Max & Oscar who were out for a stroll along The Sea Wall and told us about some sniffs on top of the hill!

Yeah, just near the bench and behind that big clump of weed!
Holly and I played 'Chase' on the beach but what we did was to start in the middle and run to the opposite ends of the beach then run back with some bit of Whelk Egg Sack and the first one back was the winner!

Holly cheated! There was a big ball of egg sacks half way along her bit of the beach, so, she was back a long time before me!

That woofer is getting just too sneaky!

So that is our little day today, oh, and by the way, Mr Brambles was down stairs stuffing his chops full of our biscuits, so that means he is back to normal again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.