Monday, 21 October 2013

A Wet Monday

Hello Woofers!

It's Us Again! Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wot a Day! We got out this morning and were down on the Sea Wall, there were puddles everywhere and the grass was soaking wet. Snowflake was put down so she could have a wee and decided that she would wee straight away, no sniffin', then she rushed back to Old Two Legs trousers and started to climb up!

I think she just wanted a warm spot to cuddle up in until we reached the beach!

Down on the beach we found a great big bit of wood, I mean, it was enormous, there was no way we could have picked it up if we all tried together!

One Large Log!
Mr Brambles, being technical, reckons that, with a bit of effort you could spin the log around on the balancing point!

Right here is where you could spin it!
 Of course, Snowflake, wanting to get back to a nice warm car, tried to spin it by doing the 'Ferret Lift' which she uses on her Poo Pot and her toy box.

It didn't Work!

No, I can't shift it!
 Mr Brambles shouted for us to give a hand but we knew that there was no way we would move it, so we just sat down to watch the fun and games!

No Way, You're on your own there!
 After a while both ferrets lost interest and went off 'Sniffin the Sniffs' and heading back to the car!

You just can't get the Staff to put their backs into it nowadays!
We reckoned we got it just right 'cos as OTL was giving us all a good rub down in the car with the towel, it started to rain again!

Back home it was chicken again followed by a snooze. Well, the ferrets finished off their breakfast and were asleep before we got our food, but they are quick like that!

Lunchtime came and OTL had to deliver some stuff in town, of course, we just had to tag along, especially as we were going near to the Riverside Park!

It was great, there were loads of puddles that Holly and I walked in, in spite of OTL yelling at us to get out, not that we listened to him anyway!

Is it worth a Paddle?
A bit further on down the path we met up with a Jack Russel who gave us the low down on some Fox Poo he sniffed in the bushes, unfortunately, he got caught just before he had chance for a roll!

On the right just along the path past the last Labrador wee!
Just for a laugh, Holly and I went sniffin' on the shore just so OTL could take a picture with both of us and both Power Stations in the same shot!

2 x Power Stations + 2 x Puppies!
We never found the Fox Poo, Holly reckons it got washed away with the rain this morning. On the way back Holly was looking at the water and said that she wishes sometimes she was brave enough to go in for a swim.

One Day.....One Day I will!
I think Holly will only ever roll in smelly stuff and sit in puddles 'cos she is just not the swimming type, let's face it, she even hates having a 'Shampoo & Set'!

We are off to visit Michael to see if he is hopping about any better than the last time. We think he has got a new leg brace, one that lets him bend his knee a bit.

By the way, OTL has been doing something in his office, it's to do with leather and cooking oil. We are not too sure what it is 'cos he keeps hiding it whenever we come through the door and the ferrets aren't saying anything either!

Maybe we will find out tomorrow!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake & Mr Brambles