Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Super Sunny Lazy Day

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

It has been a super summer type of day today, we were out for our walk this morning and the breeze was blowing gently from across the water. We could sniff the Bacon and Eggs being cooked in the Greasy Spoon cafe on Southend Sea Front or maybe it was Herne Bay!

Old Two Legs took some more pictures of the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant 'cos the blooms now seem only to last a couple of days before they start to fade!

Another Bloom on the Spiky Leaf Sort of Thistle Type of Plant!
We saw Mr & Mrs Corvid having breakfast on The Sea Wall and went rushing up to see what they were eating, they thought we were going to take it away from them, so the flew down to the break water to finish it off!

A Moving Breakfast!
We called out to them to share it with us but they only laughed at us and carried on feasting!

A bit further along we met up with Barney who said he was almost worn out! He had been chasing all over the place and on the beach and in the sea weed. In fact you could see from his face that he had been in amongst the weeds!

Feeling a bit Grubby!
He said he felt a bit Grubby, Grubby? We said he didn't know what Grubby was, and then we proceeded to tell him about the Super Sniff and our rolling in it and subsequent bath!

He did laugh when we told him that OTL was keeping a very close eye on us!

Back home to some Doggy Scoff for breakfast and then a snooze by the side of the pond before going for our lunch time walk!

Pool Side Puppy!
We went out again and OTL was off looking for insects and stuff like that, we were after the sea side sniffs!

This Small Skipper or Thymelicus sylvestris, if you want to sound posh, was sitting on one of Holly's Whizz Bang plants and although OTL had got the right camera and the right lens, he could do nothing about the wrong wind!

The butterfly had landed on the flower but was being blown all over the place! Poor OTL just couldn't get the focus and depth of field correct. When he got one right the other was so far out that the picture looked horrid!

Next time a tripod and no wind please!
All that wind was blowing the sea up the beach and as it was high tide OTL got some good pictures of the waves breaking on the Sea Wall.

He really wasn't this close!

Another Splash!
OTL said that we should stand on top of the steps so he can take our photo when the wave splashed up!

A Big Splash!
As we said, In your Dreams!

On the way back to the car we spotted some more insects on a bloom, so, OTL just had to take a picture. Trouble is, we are not sure what they were doing, OTL said they were playing 'Piggy Back', Holly didn't believe him!

Piggy Back Games?
The rest of the day we spent lazing by the pond, snoozing and going back in for a drink then snoozing again!

It's a hard life being a puppy you know!

See you tomorrow and don't forget, it's Friday!


Daisy & Holly