Monday, 11 August 2014

A Monday Morning Rescue!

Hi Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

On our way to the Sea Wall this morning, Old Two Legs pulled the car off the road and jumped out with his camera saying 'Just Look at That'!

Look at wot? Just a few clouds, no birds, woofers or coo's, just what had he seen?

Cumulonimbus incus
Wot? It seems that this 'Cumulonimbus incus' or Anvil Cloud could turn into some serious rain or stormy weather!

It's a good job it was passing us by!

Back to more interesting things!

We've had a little excitement this morning and it was 'Ferrets to The Rescue'!

We were out on our normal walk and came across Max & Oscar and their owner plus Bryn's owner, but no Bryn. We think he was investigating a sniff back down the path.

Well, the ferrets got a stroke from Bryn's owner and off we went again, heading for the beach. After a little while, who should come up behind us, Bryn!

We all said hello and had a sniff and the ferrets said hello as well 'cos they had met Bryn before and rate him as 'Friend but Watch Out'!

Bryn's owner was calling him and off he trotted ahead of us, looking for a path back to his owner. OTL was looking after the ferrets 'cos they had just got down for a wee before getting to the beach.

When we looked up, Bryn had disappeared and we thought, heading off to see Max & Oscar!

On our way back from the beach, we could hear Bryn's name being called and thought he had either found some serious sniffs or was chasing rabbits, both things can turn a doggy deaf you know!

We headed back towards the car and the ferrets were sniffing both sides of the path. Suddenly they stopped and did their 'Wassat?' pose which means there is something around that could hunt ferrets!

Just then, Bryn jumped out of the bushes and said 'Hello Girls, Have I found a Sniff to Die For'!

We all had a chat and decided to go back to the car and drive around to Bryn's house, but, before we could do that we saw Bryn's master walking along the Sea Wall and OTL called over to him. So, Bryn was back with his family again and the ferrets said it was a good job they had spotted Bryn in the bushes or he could have missed his breakfast, and that would be terrible!

A Gold Star for The Ferrets!

Lunch time we were out again and down the beach. You know I love the summer, so much swimming time!

Holly still won't come in for a splash about, instead, she sits on the beach catching the rays and claiming she is a 'Life Guard'!

She says that if anyone gets in trouble, she will borrow OTL's phone and call the Coast Guards!

Keep Paddling, I can't find the phone!
It's a good job OTL doesn't throw the bone out too far. It is not so far that if there was any trouble, he could come in and rescue me!

I got fed up with waiting to be rescued, so I've swum back instead!
On the way back to the car I went ahead and around the corner and almost fell over a rabbit! Well, I gave my 'War Cry' and chased it all over the place but by the time Holly had got here to help me, the rabbit had gone to ground! Curses! Next time I'll get it!

It was the same for OTL, he reckons he saw a Weasel run across the path but it was so quick he didn't have time to get a picture!

Curses! Next time he'll get it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.