Saturday, 1 August 2015

Saturday with OTL!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

It's good to see Archie Babe is back and working again on his computer, we didn't even get to load the Ten Windows, it got half way into loading up then it went back to Seven Windows and when OTL checked, it said it had 'Failed because of an Unknown Error'! I think OTL is going to stick with what is working for him now!

You know he has laptop computers running Windows 98 'cos the programs on there won't run under anything later! Something to do with 'Clocks in the Computer'.

Well, we have had a 'Relaxing Day' today, not too much excitement but fun all the same!

The ferrets were a bit sleepy this morning but at least they got their Lactose Free Milk today. Yesterday there was no milk and you should have seen them show off! Mr Brambles sat at Old Two Legs feet, looking up at him and asking why he was being starved!

Miss Snowflake went hunting milk and when she couldn't find any, she did what Brambles normally does, she kicked the Poo Pot all around the cage!

Today, there was milk for them, in two bowls, with an added dash of warm water to take the chill off!

Today we have 'Happy Ferrets'!

Down on the beach Brambles found an old drinks bottle that had been left on the beach. What got him all wound up was the fact that if you climbed up the steps from the beach to the Sea Wall, there is a Rubbish Bin sitting there waiting for your rubbish!

Brambles reckons there are some very anti social TL's  around!

Wot Lazy Slob left this here?
The ferrets found a 'Ferret Sniff' and had fun rolling in it until OTL spotted them!

This is better that a Doggy Sniff!
Holly got a 'Grumbly Tum' this morning and OTL had to give her butt a good clean with some wipes he had in the car, in fact he ended up using nearly half of the pack just to get her clean enough to take home for a wash!

Grumbly Tum or no, it didn't stop her from enjoying the Lambs Heart we had for breakfast today!

We spent the morning relaxing on the patio enjoying the sun shine. OTL was in the office, 'Manufacturing' so he didn't have too much to do on Monday.


Well, he had a phone call to tell him that the third floor for Snowy Heights would be arriving on Monday, so he needs to 'Clear The Decks'!

Lunchtime we were back down to the beach again and the tide was right in and the wind had dropped and OTL had found a stick and Holly was on the hunt!

The first gang of TL's drew a blank.

No Food! So, get yer paw off me!
The second load was another story, they had got a thing for burning burgers and sausages, so Holly do stood there and did her 'Poor Lost & Starving Woofer' look.

Your not going to eat all of that are you?
It worked! She mugged two of them for the burger and then she got half a sausage from the cook!

She is getting very good at this 'Mugging of Tourists'!

I didn't bother with all that stuff, I was too busy playing 'Fetch the Stick' with OTL!

I Got It!
Then OTL found a much bigger stick, he reckons this might have come from a Mini TL's Beach Spade.

It was so easy to fetch back and it wasn't too heavy, which means I could carry it sticking out the front of my mouth.

OTL calls it my 'Churchill Stick'!

Got a Light Boy?
On the Sea Wall OTL spotted a butterfly that had landed on the concrete and was interested to find out what it was 'cos it didn't have any markings on the underneath of it's wings. He just got one shot off before it flew away and we still didn't see what colour it's upper wings were!

Just having a rest!
We saw a funny sight. there, right at the top of a tall plant was a snail! It was sitting there underneath the flowers and it must have been at least four feet off the ground!

Holly said it was a 'Flying Snail' but OTL said that snails don't fly.

Holly said that there was a first time for every thing!

A First Flying Snail?
Back home to a snooze before The Missus gets back from her 'Master Class' and tonight OTL thinks he may get a curry!

Now, some news about Miss May and April. OTL has been speaking to the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre and both ferrets have had their operations and all is well! We reckon to give them another week to get over it all and then introductions begin.

OTL is to telephone next weekend and arrange a day to go down for the introductions and providing all goes well, there will be four ferrets in our house instead of two!

Can't wait!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles