Wednesday, 21 March 2012

OTL visits the Two Legs Vet!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We had a good laugh today. You see Old Two Legs has reached the ripe old age of sixty five. With this age come loads of things, like a special Pass that lets him ride on the buses for free after everyone has gone to work!

Another 'Freebie' is he can get an injection that is supposed to keep away flu germs.

So, off he went to the Two Leg Vet Lady Nurse person who stabbed him with a needle that was the size of a broom handle and just as sharp!

According to OTL of course!

We said that he should have got some Worming Tablets at the same time, just to make sure!

Holly and me called him a 'Wimp' especially when he said he should go and have a lie down for an hour or two to get over it!

No way! We wanted our Walkies!

Off we went to the Sea Wall!

As soon as I got onto the beach I found an Egg Sack ball, these are the egg cases of the Common Whelk, and we got loads of Common Whelks here in North Kent!

Look Wot I Got!

Then of course, Holly just had to poke her nose into what I was doing, that ended up with a tussle over what was left of the Egg Sacks!

Sort of Salty Rice Krispys

Back home to allow OTL some R&R after his major operation!

After lunch, OTL had to deliver a big box of bits, so, we offered our services as Guard Dogs on the delivery van, sort of 'Riding Shotgun' for the OTL stage coach!

After the hazardous journey around the town we decided a little squirrel hunting was in order, providing Holly keeps her voice down. We don't want any trouble like yesterday!

A creep through The Forest was a bit disappointing,  we saw a couple of squirrels but they were high in the trees and showed no signs of coming down to earth where decent people live!

Towards the end of the walk, I spotted one bouncing along the ground. Trouble was, it was over the fence in Private Land which had a big notice on the tree that said 'Keep Out'!

I Spy With My Little Eye!

It's a good job they don''t expect us puppies to be able to read!

I got under the fence and went like a flash of light after the squirrel, it didn't help my 'Silent Approach' to have OTL shouting 'Come Back' over my shoulder!

Well, the squirrel got away, I hurt my back getting under the wire and OTL had to lift it up when I came back!

Holly and I decided that squirrel hunting is just too much like hard work, so we had a game of 'Pirates' on a big old tree that had fallen over!

The Good Ship Nutkin Sails Again!

We had fun singing Sea Songs and shouting things like ' Shiver Me Timbers' and 'Yo Ho Me Hearties' and then we pretended that OTL was a Treasure Ship and we chased him all the way to the Car Park!

Back home for a good afternoon snooze while OTL played about on the computer doing 'Important' things!

Tonight it's Chicken!

Not sure what is happening tomorrow, maybe another 'Adventure' but this time down the New Park, if we're lucky!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly