Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sun's Day & The Snow Fairy

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

What a fun day! We were up good and early this morning for our early wander around the garden and it was all sort of gloomy and damp, so a quick wee then back to bed again!

A bit later when Old Two Legs had finally got out of bed, showered and was ready to take us out to the Sea Wall, what did we see outside?

The Snow Fairy had come back! There was snow all over the place, not deep snow but a sprinkling like someone had run around with the icing sugar pot and sprinkled it over everything!

Bye bye Snow Fairy!
We were in the car in no time and soon down at the Sea Wall. OTL reckons that it was the Snow Fairy's way of saying good bye until next year. Well, we were not sure about that but if he's right, well then it was very kind of her to come back to say good bye.

OTL was busy taking pictures of the birds, again, but he did spot this Redshank who, he said, was trying to bury his head in the sand, daft bird!

Head in the sand?
Holly and I were a bit sad to think the Snow Fairy was going back, so we wandered along the wall for a bit and said good bye to the snow flakes we could see.

Bye bye Snow Flakes!
I must admit, when I was walking along, I did lick a few!

Back home for a brush followed by some chicken for breakfast, then a snooze. That's how to spend a Sun's Day Morning!

Pity the Sun was not out, seeing it was His Day today!

Lunch time all of the new snow had melted, so we think it may not come again until next Winter. Have you noticed, the light is getting more Spring like in the mornings? Even the birds look brighter and their songs seem more cheerful!

Look! Snows Gone!
 We saw some Fishermen in the distance all huddled up against the wind, when we got there OTL says 'Any Luck?' to which the reply was 'Nah, not a thing!'

'Nah Nothing!'
We said hello to a Knot that was picking it's way along the sea front. Holly asked what it was that the bird was not, seeing how it was called a Not?

The bird looked at Holly and said, slowly so Holly would not miss anything.........'I am a Knot, that is Not with a Kay in front of the not, it sounds just the same as Not but has an identifying look when you write it down. Now clear of and let me get back to my dinner!

Clear Off!
Oooo! says Holly, with her tail put out of joint by the birds reply, 'Aren't we the posh bird today?'

I think that's the last time Holly will try taking the mickey out of a Knot!

Back home for a good towelling down 'cos we were both a bit wet and cold. I even sat on OTL's lap on the way back, just to warm up my wet bits! Holly got the heated seat to help dry her!

Lambs Hearts tonight followed by a raid on OTL's dinner plate, or shall we do OTL first? Decisions, Decisions! 

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Knot in a good mood!)