Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow? Wot Snow!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

Well, we woke up this morning expecting snow drifts up to the roof, total 'White Out' in the garden and icicles from gutter to ground.

What did we get?


I've seen frost deeper than the snow that fell last night! The cars were barely covered and you could see more grass than snow!

Where's the Snow?
We went down to The Sea Wall in the big car 'cos Old Two Legs gets fed up waiting for the little cars heater to warm up! He also wants to show off that he has a 4x4 when the snow comes as well!

Poser or wot!

When we got down to The Sea Wall it was cold, the wind was blowing in off the sea and OTL said that it was cold because of the 'Wind Chill Factor'. Holly said she wanted to go home after she had done her business and walked off up the path towards the car!

This is disappointing, can we go home now?
OTL called her back and off we went to get our 'Morning Exercise'. We met up with that Bozo of a Labrador that thinks OTL is a 'Wonderful Two Legs' and he was jumping all around and making whining noises like a little puppy!

Here's Bozo!
 I mean, he really must control himself!

We got back to the car all sort of shivery and glad to be out of the wind!

Back to the car and the heater!
Back home it was a brush and a big bowl of Chicken and Biscuits followed by a carrot for Holly and a teeth cleaning chew for me!

OTL then cleared out Snowflakes cage and while he was doing that he let her loose on the floor for a run around, which she loves! It was all going OK until OTL decided to have a game with Snowflake, what he does is to let her collect the squeaky toys and stash them away in a corner and while she goes off to get another to stash, OTL pinches one and puts it back out for her to collect again!

Now, Snowflake got a Tinkly Ball yesterday and OTL got that and shook it so it made a noise, Snowflake went potty! She started to jump up and down, roll over and spin around and arch her back. OTL at first thought it was great fun but as the game proceeded he was not too sure if the noise was disturbing her. At one point, he was standing up and rattling the ball and Snowflake ran onto his foot and up his trouser leg to the top of his sock and gave him a 'Love Bite' on his leg!

Her teeth went through his skin and left a couple of puncture marks but they weren't deep and didn't really hurt at all!

Now we have got to work out if it is play or  is she afraid of the tinkle sound!

OTL gave Snowflake a chicken wing, all chopped up and 'Raw' which she loves. Then afterwards she got to lick a couple of drops of 'Ferretone' off OTL's hand. He does that so Snowflake associates OTL with 'Good Things' so she doesn't take it into her mind to bite him, especially when she dives up his trouser leg!

I wonder if that would work with Holly and me?

We all had a good snooze while OTL played around on his computer!

The lunch time walk was terrible, the wind was whipping in off the sea and there was a sort of frozen rain drops that were beating on us and it was difficult to keep our eyes open!

This is getting painful!
It wasn't long before we decided that enough was enough, I took one look around the corner and I couldn't even open my eyes!

This is Stupid!
Holly took the lead, 'I'm off' she said and headed up to the shortcut back to the car!

I'm Off!
Back home it was straight up to the office and into our day beds for a snooze to get warm again!

Snowflake was taking the mickey out of us for going out for a walk in the cold. She said that we should learn how to use a tray like wot she does!

At least we get to have a run about, not like her, she is not allowed out yet until we get a harness for her, then we'll see how she stands up to the cold!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake