Friday, 28 September 2012

Chasing Indians and other stuff!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

It's Friday and we are both looking forward to the weekend. Old Two Legs is going to get his camera gear all sorted out tonight and we have just heard that The Missus will be coming with us to Dungeness as well! Who knows, she may even bring her camera as well. Mind you, I don't think there will be many cards to photograph on the beach!

Our morning walk today was fun, we were out looking for sniffs along The Sea Wall where they had moved all the stones away from the wall.

Holly says that it would make a good race track, just like at Brooklands in the 'Old Days'. Well, I reckon that you must be going at some lick to stay up on that wall and what happens when you get to the steps?

High Speed Wall?
That's simple says Holly, 'You just Jump!'

We were having a discussion about racing when it got all dark and dismal, like it was about to rain.

We took a look at the sky and noticed that the clouds seemed to go around in a circle.

Hey, look, says OTL this must be the middle of the 'Low' that has passed over us!

 Oh, Right, says Holly, Looks 'High' to me!

OTL had to go out to visit a customer at lunch time, so of course we just had to go with him, just in case he got lost!

We started off towards London but Holly and I got the sniff of the New Park and started to woof and howl and sing our 'Walking' song!

How could he refuse? The customer can wait a while longer!

Holly met up with Patch, a doggy she met a while ago, they had a game of 'Chase' until his owner took another path and we parted with a 'Woof'!

Hello Patch! Long time no see!
While Holly was having a game, OTL was busy trying to take a picture of some red leaves, me, I was getting interested in a pile of Fox Poo and wondering if I dare chance a quick roll in it!

Autumn Colours
I decided against it 'cos that would mean a bath when I got home and that might get in the way of dinner and that is not allowed!

So, I didn't!

Aren't I a Good Girl?

Holly found The Fort we used to play in and pretended to be in charge and kept marching up and down and looking out the windows looking for Indians!

I see no Indians!
Then we went over to the Tepee and pretended to wait for the Indians. OTL was busy playing with the camera again and I whispered to Holly, 'Shout out It's Behind You, and see what happens'!

So she did and OTL fell over backwards with the shock!

Holly says it's the best laugh we've had all week!

Wot a Laugh!
Let's hope that tomorrow TM can catch OTL falling over again!

Bye for now, dinner is ready!


Daisy & Holly