Friday, 6 February 2015

Three Walks and a North East Wind!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here on a very cold day!

You could tell it was cold, Old Two Legs had to put his hood up over his hat!

Holly said that it was because there was a North East wind blowing in off the sea!

Both ferrets weren't too happy about being out of the Ferret Bag and when I asked Snowflake if she wanted to share a hole I had dug, she told me to 'Keep Over My Side' and all 'cos the sand was flying all over the place!

That's Your Side!
We saw Mrs Corvid trying to break into a limpet shell by flying up high and dropping it onto The Sea Wall. After a while he managed it but said that it was a lot of work for just one little cockle!

OK, Bombs Away!
Holly was nowhere to be seen, she was too cold to hang about and she had legged it back to the car!

The ferrets and I thought it was a very good idea, so we legged it back as well!

Lunchtime we were down The Sea Wall again and were surprised to see a fisherman on the beach. Mind you, he wasn't sitting on the cold wet stones! When we got to where he was you could see that he was cold and Holly reckons that he will be back in his car before we got back!

Too cold to hang around!
After we got to the car we instructed OTL to turn on the heater and in no time we were warm again.

Next stop was the carriers to drop off a parcel and then on to do some deliveries of our own. After that we stopped at the Riverside Park, it was cold there as well!

The wind was blowing in off the estuary and it seemed just as cold as it was on The Sea Wall!

We did see some Quackers and even they looked cold!

Cold Quackers!
We went up to the end of Horrid Hill and as we started to go around the corner we got the full force of the North East Wind!

White Horses on The Sea!
Holly called back to OTL asking if she could go in for a swim!

I think OTL knew she was joking!

Shall we all have a swim?
At the end of Horrid Hill, the wind was blowing the waves into the wall and the water was breaking over the top of the wall. Not big waves but enough to make you wet if you got caught!

On the way back we came up behind an old Two Legs who kept stopping and looking around. Holly said she reckons he has lost his way and was wondering if he should go in for a swim!

Holly can be pretty daft sometimes!

Swim? He hasn't even got his towel with him!
Back home again and off to the cushion under OTL's desk, all lovely and warm, just the thing on a day like today!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.