Monday, 21 July 2014

Back to Work again!

Hi Woofer Mates!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It's been another Sunny Day and just a little warm!

Old Two Legs took Daisy Spaniel out early today 'cos he thought she would like a run in the cool of the morning, before the sun got too hot!

The ferrets got their morning Lactose Free Milk which OTL dilutes 50/50 with warm water from the kettle. They do love the milk but if they have it 'Neat' they end up doing some 'Projectile Pooing'!

The Morning Milluck!
 As soon as they are finished, OTL puts their harnesses on them and they are off to the beach!

That also means, we get an early walk as well, which was OK 'cos the tide was almost in and that means 'A Swim'!

You know, I really do enjoy an early morning dip, it sort of sets you up for the day plus washes all the grass darts out of your tail!

Just right for an Early Morning Dip!
 OTL helped by throwing a stick out into the water so I had something to chase, brilliant fun!

Look! I got the stick!
The ferrets didn't go in for a swim but instead they dug holes in the sand and investigated all the sniffs!

Miss Snowflake said that it was a shame that there were just too many Mucky Two Legs who leave all their rubbish on the beach!

Mucky Two Legs!
Back in the car, I got a good rub down to dry me off and Mr Brambles decided to have another taste of our 'Doggy Nodules' and declared that he wouldn't mind being a dog!

Not bad really, for Doggy Scoff!
Back home, OTL cleared up the ferret cage and changed all the water and filled the food bowl up, although Mr Brambles said he had a full tummy already!

Miss Snowflake said she had a good idea for a card and went off looking for some inks and a pot of emulsion paint so she could get started before she got too tired!

....or shall I try some Brayering?
Holly and I headed for bed after our breakfast and enjoyed a snooze until lunchtime when we took Daisy Spaniel out for a run before heading off to do some deliveries.

Of course, you know what deliveries mean?

Yep! A trip to The Forest!

It was a bit quaggy from the 'Deluge' we had yesterday but OTL managed to stay out of the seriously damp bits!

The afternoon has been spent watching The Missus getting all her stuff ready to take with her tomorrow. She is off for a week or so to visit 'The Boys' up in Coventry, to some 'Baby Sitting'!

The funny thing is, they are both taller than her and will be away with their mates all day!

You should see the stuff she is taking! The poor little car will be sagging in the middle with all the weight!

Still, that means we will be getting proper Doggy Food while she is away, no Doggy Scoff!

We will be able to sit of the sofa and pig out on nibbles and Chicken Fillets and Duck Strips anf Chews and Teeth Cleaning Chews that all make crumbs all over the place!

Holly and I will also be able to eat our Rawhide Chews on the sofa without getting chased up stairs by TM!

Yes, there are benefits to be had when she goes away!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.