Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Is She Staying or Is She Going?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We had our morning walk along The Sea Wall but it was The Missus taking us, so no pictures! Sorry!

Old Two Legs had to go out this morning and was awake before us! Now that's a first!

He even woke Snowflake up and cleaned up the 'Shower Cage' before she was fully awake and that's the reason she bit him again 'cos she thought he was after her stash of Ferret Nuggets!

You know, OTL's hand is beginning to take on the  shape of a pin cushion and with just as many holes!
Come on.......Gissa Finger!
 Just as a treat, we allowed TM to give some of our chicken to Snowflake, but it had to be raw 'cos she likes it 'Raw an' Wriggling'!

Mmmmm! Raw an' Wriggling'!
Lunch time, OTL was back so out we went, in the rain, with our coats!

OTL was throwing the ball for me but being careful not to throw it into the sea! I have found this super way of winding him up, you see, normally, I would pick the ball up and run into the grass and wait for him to find me, pick the ball up and throw it again.

This time, what I do is to get the ball, wander over to the Sea Wall and ever so slowly, drop the ball onto the beach!

It drives him potty 'cos he has to either jump down or go back to the steps to get onto the beach, then of course, he has to get back up onto the Sea Wall again!

Well, I like to keep him fit!

Look OTL, Bouncy Bouncy onto the beach again!
We met up with a real Bozo Labrador that was practising how the ambush everyone, trouble was, he kept on bobbing up and down to see what was going on!

I'm Ambushing You!
We tried to tell him to lay in the grass without moving but he said that he gets so excited that his tail knocks all the plants about and gives away his position!

Holly said that he should go back to chasing balls!

Look, Line Dancing Again!
All the time it was getting wetter and even OTL was getting soaked, even in his New Super Duper All Weather Coat!

Even I was thinking about enrolling in Evening Classes on how to use a Two Leg Loo, I wouldn't get so wet having a wee!

It can't be that hard, It's just the chain that's difficult!
Back home, OTL got Snowdrop out of her cage for a run around and she bit him twice!

You know, the way she goes at it you'd think she was half Vampire!

Fangs for the Nibble OTL!
She was getting all excited about being let out in the office, she even jumped onto OTL's lap from the desk top, which she has never done before, then she tried to climb up OTL's shirt but he wasn't having her too near to his ears!

So she got put back into the shower where she tried to toss her bed box up into the air!

1 2 3 Hup!
She made such a noise that OTL let her out again but put her back when she tried to play with his laptop, something about 'Where is the Mouse?'

I know there's a mouse here somewhere!
So, what has OTL decided to do about Snowflake?


Well, nothing at the moment, he would keep her like a shot if he wasn't loosing so much blood!

So, he is giving it until Friday, that will be seven days since we found her in the garden and then we can legally keep her as a member of the family.

Dinner is on the table, so I'm off to mug OTL.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake the Vampire!