Saturday, 21 September 2019

More Crowded Beaches!

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret here again!

We have been having a very lazy time, The Missus has been doing some 'Creating' with her inks and glue! Old Two Legs has been doing some 'Mending' of the caravan, bits that have fallen off or snapped or wot is hanging down from the ceiling!

Finally, OTL managed to get into Campbeltown and into the local distillery for a bottle of 'Giggle Juice'!

One thing we have noticed is that he gets a good nights sleep after a slurp or six!

Holly and I have been looking after the beach, making sure that there are no mucky pups leaving piles of poo for us to tread in!

Hey! Someones left a Poo Here!
One of the good things about this place is that TM & OTL get all sort of lazy after all the jobs are done and can easily be persuaded to go for a wander along the beach and if the tide is in.......I get a chance for a splosh!

Me, River Sploshing!
One of the good things about having a splosh in the sea and then a splosh in the river is that when I come out of the river, I have washed all the salt off my tail!

Now, as you know, Holly Chops just doesn't do wet. in fact dew on the grass is enough to send shivers all up and down her back, but, this beach seems to have an effect on her.

I think I'm stuck!
Of course she wasn't but to see Holly in water is certainly something new!

We wandered up the river and came across some old woodwork where there must have been a dock of some sort in the olden days. Let's face it, Carradale looks like a super place to do some good old fashion smuggling!

Yeah! you could get a skiff up here and unload a few barrels before the Excise Men found you!
Last night OTL was giving the Giggle Juice a good bashing and as he staggered around while Holly and I had a wee, he saw the Milky Way above his head and he reckons that when he stops wobbling about, he will try to get a shot of the Milky Way!

Holly wants to know why would anyone want to take a photo of a choccy bar? I mean, fried marmalade sarnie is strange enough!

See you tomorrow, if the Internetty holds up!


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!