Monday, 9 May 2011

A Day with The Missus

Hi Everyone!

The Holiday Girls here again!

We have been good little puppies today, we stayed with The Missus when Old Two Legs went off with his camera to take pictures of birds, boring!

Me and Holly spent the day trying to ambush the squirrel that comes close to the caravan. We would pretend to be asleep, then, at the very last moment we would both spring up and try to capture the squirrel.

Well,it was just too quick for us and maybe we did start to chase it before it was close enough!
One of the Pesky Squirrels!
 It was good fun while it lasted, but we got bored after an hour or two and then started on the pigeons!

They're a bit slower but they run away vertically!

TM took us for a walk up the forest but we didn't see any more foxes, just the smell of them, and that was a few days old!

We had some time to have a really good gnaw of our Pork Bones which was really great 'cos when OTL is here with us, there is so much we do that we don't get time for a really relaxing laid back gnaw!

When OTL came back we gave him our normal 'Super Hello' which involved loads of licks and a cuddle on his lap, both of us at the same time!

OTL likes that and always gives us a cuddle as well, I'm sure he misses us just as much as we miss him!

He showed us the photo's he too and Holly and me picked one for our blog, we think it has a 'cheeky' face!

OTL's Reed Warbler

We are going to have an early night tonight 'cos we are up early to go down to the beach, loads of sand to dig holes in and sea water to have a paddle in and sea weed to roll in and dead crabs to chew on!

We're getting all excited just thinking about it!

See you all tomorrow and we'll let you know what happens.

Bye for now,


Daisy & Holly