Saturday, 16 May 2015

Over The Hills and down in The Valleys!

Yacky Dar Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Sorry we are a bit late with the blog but we have been out too early and we've got back too late!

Early, well, even the birds hadn't got up when the alarm went off!

It was still dark as we left the camp site!

Soon we were dropping The Missus off at the Dandi Craft shop where she was doing her last 'Master Class' away from home.

Once we had received our instructions on what we could and couldn't do and what time we had to be back to pick her up, we headed off into The Valleys!

Now, because we had left so early, Holly and I managed a wee before we left but by the time we dropped TM off, we were in need of a more serious 'Comfort Stop' if you know what I mean!

Well, we were searching all over the place for a place where doggies could be walked and had Poo Bins!

Finally we found it, The Sirhowy Valley Country Park, (all dogs on leads and pick it up after you-Thank You Very Much!)

Well, Holly and I didn't care about that and before going too far, Old Two Legs had a couple of well filled poo bags to carry!

It's got Poo Bins as well!
This was in fact a very nice parkland, there were some good fields with loads of Bluebells flowering and also there was a stream running through it. OTL stopped for a while looking to see if there were any Dippers, (bird) but it seemed there was everything else except a Dipper!

No Dippers here!
That was it, no Dippers, let's go and find another park!

Well, the next one we found was a sort of 'All in One' place. There was Mountain Biking and Fishing and Kayaking and other things all along this stream. So, Holly and I stood guard in the car while this time the ferrets were let out for a Rampage along the river bank.

Well you know what they are like, investigating every nook and cranny, enjoying all the sniffs and of course there were loads of Two Legs that had never seen a ferret before and wanted to know all about them!

Stroke them!

Tickle them!

Those ferrets sure know how to show off when they want too!

Mr Brambles nearly fell in the stream as he was nosing about, luckily OTL was watching and pulled him out so that all he ended up with was a wet tail!

Mind you, he wanted a cuddle from OTL and took the time to dry his tail on OTL's shirt sleeve while he was getting cuddled!

Crafty or Wot!

Next stop was an abandoned Pit Head. All that was left were the winding engine wheels!

Where do they keep the engine?
I wasn't too sure about pits and engines but we had a sniff around to see if there were any signs of engine oil but there was nothing.

Mind you, this place was great 'cos OTL could let us off the lead and we could have a good run around.

We also had another poo each!

It was while we were exploring that Holly reckons she found bits of the pit shaft!

Are these Pit Bits?
OTL reckoned they were something to do with under ground water channels but Holly says that underground water things are round!

It was as we were walking back and discussing holes in the ground that we heard a strange whirling sound that made Holly look up and start woofing!

Strange looking Bird!
Holly said it was one of those Dipper Birds that OTL has never seen, I thought it was a big Bee and OTL said it was a Quadcopter that some men were playing with and it was a toy aeroplane thingy!

We didn't hang around too long 'cos OTL said we should see the Brecon Beacons!

Off we scampered, off to Brecon.

When we got there OTL had to put us on the lead again, I mean, all that land to roam free on and just 'cos there are a couple of sheep wandering about Holly and I had to stay restricted on our movements!

It was then we set to thinking how we can measure their legs, just to see if they were the Mountain Sheep OTL spoke of!

Trouble is, they are so unfriendly that they wouldn't stay still so we could get close, and, they were not on a lead like wot we were!

Well that lot over there don't want to know, what about the Bozo's at the top of the hill?
Sadly, they didn't hang about either and were off in a flash!

So, we ended up looking at the hills and sitting on the grass watching the clouds float past!

They are OK, but not as big as the ones in Scotland!
Soon it was time to get back to pick TM up. We made it back just in time and both ferrets turned on the charm and got all the attention from the ladies!

We had to stay in the car and behave ourselves, for a change!

By the way, Mr Brambles has two toes missing on his right rear foot, a birth defect OTL says rather than a war wound. He is not as good as Miss Snowflake at climbing but with OTL around he does OK!

See you all tomorrow, we are off for an early night, it's just been too much today!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.