Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Lazy Day!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Well, today it hasn't been as cold as it was yesterday, mind you, it's still cold enough for us! Give us some warm sunshine and a paddle in the sea!

Old Two Legs says we will have to wait a bit before that can happen!

Yesterday he ordered up a couple of maps of the area where we will be going on our holiday in May! It makes us feel better getting ready to go on holiday, even if it is four and a half months away!

However, that made us feel good, and we will spend some time with Old Two Legs planning which beaches we should visit!

We were discussing the possibility of there being loads of rabbits down in Wales. OTL said that there should be loads and haven't we ever heard of the Welsh Rabbit?

Will there be Welsh Rabbits down there?
This discussion took up a long time, we were still discussing it half way through our walk!

Holly says that she has heard that the Welsh Rabbit is a bit like the Highland Haggis except that the front legs are longer than the back legs 'cos they are always looking down hill!

Miss Snowflake said that she had heard that the Welsh Rabbits did a lot of singing and wore miners lamps on their ears!

Then she slipped off the rock and landed in the puddle again!

Oh Dear! I'm all damp again!
This sort of made her a bit upset and to help dry off she chased Mr Brambles along the beach and up the steps. She was telling him to 'Hurry Up' and 'Shift Himself' but Brambles wasn't having any of that and told her to..........

Talk To The Tail!
Back home we had chicken followed by a good snooze under the office desk! OTL spent the morning trying to find some space to store the Glencoe pictures, he had to do some major re-organising of the files in his Storage System!

Lunchtime down on the Sea Wall, the water was splashing up and over the wall.  At one time I thought OTL had a ball with him and was going to throw it in the water for me to fetch!

You Gotta Ball?
 But OTL said it was too dangerous and for me and not to be a Silly Woofer!

Maybe he's right!
Holly said that if I wanted to go in the water, then she was off 'cos I could do it on my own!

No Way! I'm Off!
So, that was it, no swim! Mind you, I didn't really fancy it and I only said it to wind up Miss Silly Knickers!

Not sure what OTL has for dinner but we will have some of it you can be sure!

See you tomorrow, we're off to have our hair cut, The Missus is off to the village hall and OTL is off doing deliveries!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.