Thursday, 5 September 2013

I've Been Swimming!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Have I got some news for you!

I'll save it for a bit later!

This morning it was terribly misty when we went out for our walk, Old Two Legs was still complaining he was too hot after rowing his way around the office this morning.

Seriously Misty!
We got down to the Sea Wall and Mr Brambles went for his morning jog down to the beach. It was funny 'cos he tries to keep up with us as we trot along and sometimes he even catches us (when we stop for a sniff) and runs between our back legs and shouts for us to 'Get A Move On!'

This morning he and Miss Snowflake did a bit of Rock Climbing and surprisingly Mr Brambles was very good at climbing!

Don't look down!
 On the way back to the car, the pair of them were pretending that they were cowboys out on the range rounding up the cattle.

You can guess who were the cows!

Get along you Doggies!
Back home they both crashed out and were soon snoozing the morning away! OTL was busy in the office doing 'Stuff' so Holly and I had a fun run around the garden and up the stairs as a pretend F1 race!

Holly and I got a bit fed up with all this working stuff and went to annoy OTL so he would have a game with us. Well, soppy OTL got the wrong message and asked us if we wanted a walk!

Is the Pope Catholic?

You betcha!

Down we went again and had a run along the beach 'cos the tide was almost in. There were the fishermen on the beach looking out to sea.

Now, That Looks Cool!
I decide that I would have a little paddle, just to cool off a bit. So, while OTL and Holly were walking along the beach I went for my normal 'Deep Paddle'

Come on You Two!
As OTL got closer he picked up a stone and tossed it into the water, I pretended to chase after it but stopped when my feet floated off the bottom!

Then he picked up a bit of wood and threw it in the water and I went after it 'cos I could see it floating, suddenly so was I, floating, in the water! The bit of wood wasn't so far away from my nose, so I did a couple of paddles and found myself going closer to the wood, then all of a sudden it was there, under my nose, so I grabbed it and carried on paddling and turned my head around and the rest of me followed and I headed back to shore!

Me Swimming!
 I had been swimming!

That was it, after that I was woofing OTL to throw more wood and off I went, swimming out and fetched it back again!
This was Good!

I mean, me, swimming, with all four paws off the ground!

OTL said that my tail was wagging like the oars on a Roman Galley at Ramming Speed!

Tail Assisted Swimming!
I was dead chuffed about swimming and so was OTL, he said that I was a 'Natural', Holly on the other hand said that she wasn't going any where near the water and that I could have it all to myself!

A bit further on we came across the fishermen and I stopped to tell him all about me swimming and Holly asked if he had any food she could chew on while I was telling the story!

I did also tell him that his fishing rod was waggling, but it stopped just as quickly as it had started so he left it alone.

Yer Rods Waggling!
 We got down to the other beach, the one where we go with the ferrets and OTL found another stick and tossed it in for me to fetch, in I went and had a great time swimming out to the stick!

Holly, sneaky like she is, stood on the shore and waited for me to come in with the stick then tried to pinch it from me so she could have a run around with it!

Come on I'll help you carry it!
I did let her get it a couple of times and we had fun chasing each other along the wall!

Catch me if you can!
Just as we were running about on the Sea Wall, a couple of Water Scooters came racing past making a terrible noise.

Holly stopped running and looked at them pass, 'Wow!' says Holly, 'If I won the lottery I'd get one of those!'

Which is a bit daft 'cos she doesn't do the Lottery!

Holly wants one!
When we got back to the car, OTL gave me a good rub down with our towel, I was almost dry from running in the grass but still needed my ears and tummy dried off before we went home to tell the The Missus about my swimming!

A Good Rub Down!
The ferrets were seriously impressed with my swimming and said that they don't mind swimming but preferred to stay dry!

So, there you are, a first for me and I can't wait until we go down the Swimming Hole again, I'll show all those Bozo Labradors!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.