Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Super Lazy Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

I don't know about you lot but it has been rather warm down here in North Kent.

In fact, it has been so hot that even on our morning stroll I was in need of a cooling swim!

Old Two Legs was throwing a stick for me to fetch and Miss Holly, who is well known for her dislike of anything wet, even had a paddle!

Mind you, it was only to try to pinch the stick that I had just swum miles to get!

I wanna the Stick!
 I let her have it for a couple of seconds before OTL picked it up and threw it back out for me to fetch!

Mr Brambles thought it was great fun and at one point he was rolling on the ground laughing!

Oh! That is Sooooo Funny!
There were loads of stops on the way back but I think we were all glad to get back and into the cool shadows of the house!

Holly and I took one look at the doggy scoff and left it to stew in the bowl!

We complained to OTL and he got some chicken bits from the freezer and said that we could have cooked this evening when the temperature drops!

The ferrets said it was hot in the office so OTL got out the ice pack block thingy wotsit and wrapped it in a blanket so the ferrets can have a snooze on a cool blanket, just the way they like it!

Lunch time we were out again and this time OTL took his big camera and other photographic bits and off we went hunting Soldier Beetles again!

Well, there were no where near the number OTL wanted and they were all male as well, so no fighting over 'Breeding Rights'!

No Cameras Please!
 There were some Five Spot Burnet  hanging around the flowers but again, none in a 'Good Position' for a picture of note!

See me later and I'll give you an autograph!
Then Holly came up with a brilliant idea. With all this super gear OTL had with him, why not take a 'Selfie' of us all?

So, we sat on the path so that OTL could get the focus sorted and then, using his 'Wireless Remote Shutter Release' He took a super picture.

A Macro Lens is not the best one for a 'Group Shot'!
 I mean, my Granny could have done better than that!

Back home we left him to play with the Lily Blooms that had opened up in the pond.

The first White & Yellow Bloom'
 Again, the Purple one with it's second bloom this year.

The leaves are much bigger this year as well!
 Around four thirty, OTL was off to pick up The Missus from the village hall after her 'Crop'.

Another all day session and no cards to show for it at all!

We are going to have a snooze then we will get our chicken cooked, so, a good greasy chicken, still warm from the cooking pot, what could be better?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.