Monday, 13 August 2012

And we have our own private beach!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

Our first day here on Isle of Islay. We are at a place called Port Charlotte, well, just down the road really. It is the local Community Hall and camp site. We think that they really cater for Motor homes and Tents rather than caravans 'cos the caravan plot is rather small and our van is rather big!

But as we said yesterday, the view is to die for and we have our own sandy beach, just for us and the sheep!

A view to die for!

Holly and I went with Old Two Legs to investigate this morning, we had a ball! 

Sharing a Hole with Sis!
Running around chasing each other, digging holes, having paddles, woofing at OTL and rolling in new sniffs!

A Private Sniff to roll in on our Private beach!
A big Black Backed Gull landed on the rocks and introduced himself as the Life Guard, he said he normally works with fish but he would do his best if we got into problems!

Our Life Guard
I was in and out of the water for my swim but I only really had a 'Deep Paddle' 'cos I was not too sure about the Life Guard!

Who needs a Life Guard, I got OTL!
Today it looks like being a bit cloudy and wet, so we are going out in the car for an investigate while The Missus makes a card or two 'cos she says she is 'Inspired', not sure what by, Wind, rocks, sea or the sun coming up in the morning across the bay!

We went to the local RSPB site and had a look around but other than 'Little Brown Jobs' there was nothing too exciting to see. So, off we went on a tour of the South West of Islay. OTL passed three distilleries but only saw two, both shut!

So, he stopped at a local shop and purchased a bottle of a new whisky he has not tried before, so we know what he will be doing tonight!

Of course, there will be shortbread, so we are OK as well!

Just before we got back to the caravan, OTL stopped the car, jumped out and was looking through his binoculars and getting all excited 'cos he was watching a Golden Eagle gliding around on the wind looking for it's dinner!

That's another good reason for getting the shortbread out!

Good or wot!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & Mac Holly