Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Mish Mash Day!

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Today has been a bit of a mish mash of a day.

First of all we went out for our morning run, but today, Old Two Legs took us up a big hill that had radio masts at the top, the view was terrific, all across the sea to other islands and other bits of our island as well.

Our Holiday Back Yard!
Then he said he wanted to take a picture of us to put on the Christmas card this year.

So, we sat still for all of ten seconds, then rushed off looking for any stray Haggis that may be hiding in the heather!

Looking Good Miss Holly, Feeling Good Miss Daisy!
We had super fun chasing each other 'cos there were no sheep or cattle to play with and we couldn't even find just one Haggis!

Back we went for breakfast, the remains of the Rump Steak from last night and a gnaw on our chews,

After which, Holly rushed around all the cushions and seats wiping her snout on each to get the bits of steak off her chops.

Holly wiping her Chops!
OTL said he was off to take some pictures and does The Missus want to look after us today!

Not blooming likely, we were in the car like a shot and had no intention of getting out again!

First of all we stopped by a golf course 'cos OTL wanted to try and capture the sun beams lighting up some small islands off shore. It was OK, but he let Holly and me off the lead. I was off chasing rabbits across the golf course with Holly following close behind. After a while Holly got fed up with chasing rabbits and went back to OTL who was jumping up and down calling us back!

He managed to get one shot off, hand held camera, sun just going in.

Just across from the Golf Course.
He tried again but with his landscape lens and tripod and ND filter and remote shutter release, but the sun wouldn't come out again, in fact it started to rain and then it came down like a waterfall! We sat in the car and couldn't even see the shore line it was so bad!

Where did the sun go?
 We drove off down the road, splashing in the puddles to try and wash off all the earth and stones that were stuck to the underside of the car after OTL had to be pulled out the other day, there were loads of stones!

We ended up at Duart Castle, ancestral home of the Clan Maclean. It looked all dark and dismal but that was only because the sun had gone!

OTL tried to take some picture but what with us running around on the lead and tripping him up and knocking the tripod over, plus customers ringing him up, in the end he gave up!

He said he had a few pictures that he could 'mess about with' but nothing earth shatteringly good!

Duart Castle home of Clan Mclean
Back into the car and off home!

What we didn't know was, when OTL walked up to the entrance to the castle, he asked if he could take us with him to hotograph the castle from the rocks. The lady said that should be OK providing we were well behaved, on a lead and OTL had to buy a guide to the castle for £3.

OTL said that we were not well behaved and felt that he had been robbed of £3 and was going to take it out of our chew money!

We think he will forget, especially when we got back to the caravan and give him a cuddle and a lick in both ears!

I think it will be an early night tonight and a fun day tomorrow searching for more otters at Pennyghael!

Bye for now,


McDaisy & MacHolly