Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wet Rain, Wet Weather, Wet Doggies!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a day! I reckon that if they managed to save all the rain that fell today, shove it into those reservoir thingy wotsit, the hose pipe ban will be over!

We went out first thing with Old Two Legs and it was raining and windy and we just were not having our normal fun.

We don't do Wet!
We tried telling OTL but he insisted we did the whole two mile run! We were soaked when we got back to the car but luckily he had got one of our Doggy Towels with him so after a rub down we didn't feel so bad. 

It was even better when he put the heater blowers on and got the heated seat warmed up as well!

The morning was spent clearing up a few things in the office, our rawhide chews needed to be hidden and the teeth cleaning chews tucked under our bed blankets and of course, our squeaky toys needed to be put in the play box as well!

Lunchtime was no better as far as the weather was concerned, horizontal rain, no rabbits, no squirrels and no other dogs!

No Rabbits To Hunt!
We tried telling OTL we only want a short walk but did he listen?

Holly protesting!
Holly tried to tell him that she would rather have a snooze on the sofa but OTL was too busy trying to get a picture of a Black Headed Gull who was flying overhead!

Hey! I do Rain and Wind!
We got a bit further on and both Holly and I decided we had to take things into our own paws. 

We ran ahead of OTL and then turned towards home at a short cut we know.

I Don't Care, I'm Going Home!
We both ran off and of course, OTL had to follow!

Soon we were back in the car, heater on, heated seats on, towel wrapped around us and OTL drying our tails!

Back home it was a pleasant afternoon, snoozing, mugging OTL for some of his lunch and having a chew on our rawhide chews!

We haven't seen tomorrows weather forecast but I reckon we got some more rain.

Roll on Summer!

OTL is going to take us away in the caravan again next week, let's hope the sun shines 'cos we don't fancy sitting in a caravan woofing at sheep all week!

Claws crossed for sun shine and that means you as well!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly