Friday, 13 September 2019

Two More Days!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Old Two Legs has made a list of things that have to be doe before we head off to Scotland. So far he has kept to the list and today is no exception.

On the list was 'Advantix for Woofers' which is that nasty stuff that keep the Ticks away which is a good thing but it still makes my shoulders itch like the devil!

Another job was to fit the 'Tyre Pressure Monitor' to the caravan, which he did and it was dead easy to fit as well!

This thingy monitors the tyre pressure on all four wheels on the caravan and if we get a puncture or there is a loss of pressure for whatever reason, the dashboard monitor will light up like a Christmas Tree and warn us!

Mind you, it won't tell us if the wheel falls off, unless it is fifty yards away cos the link is by Blue Tooth!

Miss Wendy came out with us first thing this morning and had some fun chasing us along the beach!

She also enjoyed charging through the long grass and she even chased Holly when she slowed down for a sniff!

Back home there was a little tussle when both ferrets got behind the fitment and started a war. The Missus couldn't get to them to make them stop so she banged on the fitment and the drumming scared the tails off both ferrets and they shot out both ends of the fitment!

OTL has been packing up some camera gear he wants to take away with him. This time he plans to get a shot of the Milky Way 'cos the skies will be dark and the only thing that will stop him will be clouds, and of course a surfeit of whisky!

Eric came out at lunchtime and had a great time chasing Holly 'cos she wouldn't get a move on along the beach. Holly tried doing to 'Woofer Warning Growl' but Eric didn't take any notice and continued to try to bite Holly's back legs!

Eric just loves running with Holly and I, he reckons he is one of the pack and tries to run in between us as we run along the path!

OTL took delivery of a new pair of boots today 'cos the old ones have had all the sole worn away and when he leans against the kitchen sink he slowly slides across the floor, and it has nothing to do with ferret wee on the floor tiles!

These boots are seriously smart and have a soft pad stuck inside making walking super comfortable!

Mind you 'super comfortable' was not what I felt when I jumped back into the car as I caught my paw on the lock and it hurt!

I stood there looking all sorry for myself and held my paw up and waited until OTL took a look, then slowly examined all my claws and pads to make sure I hadn't done any serious damage.

Holly, on the other paw said it was what I deserved for being such a show off, jumping into the boot of the car instead of waiting for OTL to pick me up like wot he does with Holly!

I said that the only reason she gets picked up is cos she is so fat and wobbly!

.......and that's when the fight started!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.