Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunshine for a Change!

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here!

We looked out of the window this morning and the clouds and mist had gone, instead there was the sun, all glowing and promising a super day!

We woofed Old Two Legs out of bed and told him about the sun and how he should be out with his camera instead of sleeping Sunday away!

Down on The Sea Wall it was fun picking up the new sniffs but it was a toss up between Rat or Rabbit 

Rat, Rabbit or maybe Rat, but it could be Rabbit!
Mrs Corvid was racing about looking for breakfast on the shore and the sun had brought out the Whelks, so she was happy!

Another one!
OTL was in a good mood 'cos he had found a Wax Cap all on it's own!

The last Wax Cap!
Holly was having fun romping along the sea front and I told her that the Dog Trot Dance was getting boring. She called back over her shoulder, 'I'm not dancing, I'm Running!'

Fun Run!
 Back home for some chicken breakfast and a snooze in OTL's office while he was playing about on the computer doing something or other!

Lunchtime came and we mugged OTL for a nibble then woofed at him to tell him to hurry up 'cos we wanted to go chasing squirrels again!

Well, the sun was shining and the woods were calling, so off we went, singing our 'Car Driving Songs!'

As soon as we got there we went around to the pond, now this pond is not for swimming 'cos it is not very deep but there is loads of really soggy mud, so even us are not so daft as to want to swim in it!

OTL says it's pretty!
We got around the corner and a big Labrador came bounding along and headed straight for OTL for a cuddle the went bounding over to Holly and said 'Come On, lets play Chase!'

I Don't Do Chase!
While we were having a 'Group Sniff', OTL was looking back down the path to the car park and waiting for the sun to shine through the trees.

Sun through the trees.
Holly and I said 'Good Bye' and proceeded to 'Hunt Squirrel'! First we had to check out the trees around us for any movement in the branches.

See anything sis?
OTL was trying to help us by taking pictures of the trees and zooming in on his display!

Nothing here!
I tried getting up high to see what was moving on the forest floor and over a wider area!

I think I saw Movement over there!
So, I jumped down and did my 'Commando Crawl' through the trees and bushes in the direction of the movement, jumped out into the clearing and saw............

It was then that I heard Holly woofing her 'Squirrel Chasing Woof' and there, sitting on a fallen tree, having a chew on a nut that had been found on the ground!

Nutty Squirrel!
 Well, that was it, I chased after the squirrel, Holly chased after the squirrel, OTL chased Holly and me through the trees until the squirrel disappeared.

Boy! Was that fun!

Back home to tell The Missus and get some more nibbles from OTL at dinner time!

See you all tomorrow but beware, there is rain forecast and some cold frosty mornings are coming!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly (Squirrel Spotter!)