Monday, 17 October 2011

Double Decker Doggy!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here.

This morning The Missus got up early, so we took the opportunity for an early morning wee, then straight up to Old Two Legs, who was still fast asleep in his bed and we joined him for an 'after wake up snooze'.

That was until TM started banging drawers and cupboards and generally crashing about!

Poor OTL, he was forced to get up and take us out for our morning walk!

We went around to the Sea Wall and failed to find and rabbits. We would have expected them to have come back from visiting Uncle Barney by now!

So, it was down to the beach for a jog along the wall and do our business. Now we normally like to spread it out a bit, you know, I do it first and in about half an hour Holly leaves a little pile for OTL to pick up. However, this morning we both did it almost next to each other and at the same time.

This pleased OTL 'cos that meant he only used one poo bag, thrifty is our OTL!

Then he walked up to the poo bin to get rid of the well full poo bag.

We got the wrong reason for him deviating off the normal route and thought he was cutting the walk short but just as we were getting concerned, back he comes down the path.

Now, he thought that it was funny seeing the worried look on our faces and took this photo, as he says, we look like a Double Decker Doggy!

Double Decker Doggy!
OTL spotted a Wheatear bird having a feed on some grubs in the grass, so we rushed up to tell the bird that he should stay still until his photo had been taken, all the bird said was 'Damn Paparazzi', and flew off!

Paparazzi hating Wheatear!
Y'know some birds just don't deserve to be photographed!

As we got closer to the car, OTL put our leads on so that we don't bump into any cars in the car park. Holly spotted it first, there on the other side of the picnic area we saw a big old pussy cat. Trouble was, we had the lead on so that blew our chances of a good 'Cat Chase'!

It just sat there, licking it's chops and pulling faces at us. Holly told it to be careful because we weren't always on the lead but it just sat there being cheeky!

It yawned then shouted to us that we would have to get up early to beat 'Old Tom', from that we worked out that his name was Tom.

Old Tom
Holly called back that the next time we came across him she'd close his other eye for being a saucy cat!

Back home to a breakfast of 'Tinned Doggy Food', not our favourite food, why can't we have chicken or liver or lambs heart or minced lamb and grated carrot or better still, some of OTL's steak?

I thought our luck was in last night when we got some of the chicken stew that TM didn't finish, it was wonderful mixed in with our doggy biscuits!

Most of the afternoon was spent snoozing in my bed, both Holly and me squeeze into it but Holly would rather have all of it to herself and when I try to get in she does her 'Grumble' which attracts OTL's attention and he tells her to 'Shove over' and 'Don't be a Grumbly Puppy'!

It always works!

Mid afternoon I get the 'I fancy a run around' feeling, so a jump up and shove the back of OTL's chair gets his attention. I give him the old 'Hairy Eyeball' treatment and before long we are in the car and back down to the Sea Wall again.

We decided on the Sea Wall 'cos the clouds had come over all grey and rainy looking, plus Holly and me could smell rain in the air, a bit up country but rain all the same!

Stormy Clouds
We were trotting along the wall and spotted some Brent Geese flying across the water, heading for their feeding ground for the night

Brent Geese in a line!
As usual, Holly said out aloud, 'I wonder if they taste like chicken?'

She is so predictable!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

The Missus is Snotty!

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you.

We had a super time last night and managed to get everything cleared up before The Missus got home!

We were not a lively as normal and I put it down to a late night and too much singing! Old Two Legs says for him, it was a slurp too far!

We went down to the Sea Wall again and this time OTL came with us to see the rabbits but they were still away down Uncle Barney's place. So we had to make do with chasing the sparrows of the bushes. They are not as much fun as rabbits and they make so much noise!

We had a run on the beach but as the tide was right out OTL kept us off the mud, which was OK 'cos the mud looked especially yucky and smelly!

Look Mud!
We went on a bit further and there was a seagull sitting on the end of the breakwater, laughing at us, he was saying that we couldn't catch any birds 'cos we were too slow to catch a cold!

That was a bit much, Holly woofed at him and I blew a raspberry as well!

Sid, the Rude Seagull
There was another bird, a rook, having a feed but he was too busy with the shell fish to worry about us! It was interesting to see him pick up the shellfish and throw it onto the concrete so the shell would break open.

Cockle Picking Rook!
TM came back mid morning, but she was not feeling very well, she says she has a cold, so after a quick welcome back, we are all staying well away from her in case we get any of her germs!

    Stink Horn (Phallus impudicus)
We were having a sort through OTL's pictures and came across this mushroom, it's called a Stink Horn (Phallus impudicus) and it is smells like rotting flesh! Phew! We reckon it must have been very helpful that OTL's sense of smell is not too good!

Our sense of smell is super, much better than you Two Legs and I can smell dinner being served!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly