Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Holly has a Paddle!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and not forgetting Freddy de Ferret back here with you!

Well, what a fun day today, mind you, the Page 3 Girls are not in a good mood!

You see, Old Two Legs had the accountant here this morning so that means The Missus has to take us for a walk. She says that walking the woofers is OK by her but she wasn't too happy about taking the ferrets in case they ran off!

We got our walk along the beach but May and April had to stay at home.

May was not best pleased and has been showing off all day! She has been rattling the cage door every time OTL goes near her and poor little April has been hiding in her bed all day!

Lunchtime with the accountant gone OTL took Fred and Wendy out together with Holly and I.

It was just as well 'cos the tide was going out when we got to the beach but there was just enough water there to get my tummy wet!

Just made it in time!
 As normal, Holly Chops turned her nose up at the idea of splashing about in the water!

OTL had brought the rubber ball and he threw it into the water so I could play 'Fetch'!

This was brilliant!

I was in and out of the water chasing the ball and having a great time!

Come on OTL, Do it Again!
 Now, Holly doesn't 'Do' water and she stays well away but she does like chasing the ball, if only just to get it away from me!

OTL threw the ball, I chased after it. OTL threw the ball again and I chased after it again!

Then OTL threw the ball and Holly Chops forgot about the water and tried to chase it, until she remembered the water!

If you want it, come and get it!
 I will admit, I spent some time teasing Holly by running close to her on the way out to the ball and also on the way back!

But always just out of reach!

Come on Porky Puppy, chase me!
 Fred and Wendy thought it was great fun to see Holly getting wound up 'cos she couldn't have the ball!

Mind you, they had a great time digging in the wet sand so they could take advantage of the wet sand to cool their paws!

The deeper you go the wetter it gets!
 That was all great and when we got back to the car there was a cool bowl of water waiting for us!

OTL is playing with the DVD player trying to get the 3D to work but for some reason it just ain't happening for him!

Dinner is on it's way so we are off now, see you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.