Monday, 26 September 2011

A Relaxing Monday!

Hi all you Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you after a hectic weekend.

We're glad it's Monday, at least we will get a rest today!

Old Two Legs was in the office first thing working away and The Missus got up early to take us out to the Sea Wall for our early morning walk. We like the Sea Wall 'cos there's always a chance we will bump into a rabbit or two!

TM was being a bit sneaky this morning. Normally when we're out with OTL he calls or whistles for us to follow or come out of the bushes, but TM normally just calls. Both of which we totally ignore if we have a good sniff or there's a rabbit about.

Not today, first of all TM had the Dog Whistle, nasty little thing it is, the sound goes right through you!

Well, when she blew it this morning and we ran to her, she gave us a bit of ham she had in a bag. Nice one!

Then next time she blew it, Holly looks up and sees TM waving the bag of ham. She was of to TM like a Puppy Powered Rocket, well, you know what Holly's like for food. For the rest of the walk Holly stayed close to TM, just in case TM got the bag out again!

Sneaky or wot!

Back home for breakfast and a snooze in the office.

That was until lunch time, OTL had some deliveries to make, so off we went so that we can guard the car while he is out delivering!

Of course, being a hot day what with all this sunshine and warm wind, we made a bit of a fuss and pretty soon OTL got the message, The New Park and The Swimming Hole!

We didn't go straight to the water 'cos we could see there were some big Labrador type dogs there woofing and making loads of waves by jumping in the water and chasing balls.

We went for a good walk first and met up with a few of the lads and chased the ball around for a bit.

Yo Man!
OTL had brought the hard rubber ball, it's a bit smaller than the tennis ball and it is easier to grab hold of with my mouth.

Chasing the ball and working up a thirst!
Holly and me chased that ball all over the place and in the end were getting a bit hot and thirsty, when we arrived at the Swimming Hole, there was no one there!

Great! I jumped in straight away and Holly had a paddle, up to her tummy, 'cos she is not into this swimming stuff yet!

Holly having a Paddle!

OTL did his bit by throwing the ball just out of my depth so I had to try swimming after it. I'm not really that confident yet but I had a go and managed to grab the all once!

Me doing the Doggy Paddle!
We had some fun running in and out of the water but Holly reckoned that it was getting cold so we decided to have a run back to the car to help dry off!

We mugged OTL for some of his Pork Pie at dinner!

It was a good lazy sort of day ending in a good swim for me.

We are wondering what OTL has got in mind for tomorrow, maybe a trip down to the sea side for a run on the sand?

Claws crossed!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly