Saturday, 13 August 2011

Chasing Eagles and Ticks

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again, a little damp but happy!

Sorry we are late but by the time we got back, the Wi-Fi shop had closed!

So we have written down all of our adventures and even developed a couple of photo's of us exploring Mull.

First of all, we were getting ready to go out with Old Two Legs and he was loading the car up with all the necessary stuff. Nibbles, toys, sun cream, midge cream and our lunch and special mobile water bowl.

Well...... he got as far as midge cream, then he came out of the awning with two food bowls and a water bowl in his hands, he then managed to step into the mole hole we had been 'enlarging' and the water bowl together with the food bowl containing our tin of doggy split between me and Holly.

Up in the air went the bowls and OTL fell flat on his face, under the descending bowls, which managed to land on OTL, so nothing was broken! However, the food and water went everywhere, including over OTL!

You know, he smelt Yummy all day!

First of all we went down to the forest for a run up and down the track, doing some climbing and generally loosening up!

Then off we went to our first stop, Loch Na Keal where OTL says there are Otters and Eagles and loads of other stuff. Holly had a good sniff around and said she could smell the faint smell of Otter but the smell of sheep was even 'otter!

Otter Sniffin!
Even OTL laughed at that one!

We then spent some time looking for Lobsters 'cos The Missus likes lobsters and she is getting fed up with steak and chips every night, except when we get a Chinese meal or some fish and chips.

Lobsters Gone!

After that we went off to watch a White Tailed Eagle hunting for food and feeding the two chicks in the nest. It was a bit far away but when the eagle took off it was enormous, I mean, it could pick Holly and me up in it's talons with no trouble at all. We would be just a snack for it's chicks!

Holly and me stayed inside the car and told OTL to lock the door when he got out, we didn't want to take any chances!

Next stop was Glen More, it's called that 'cos there is a mountain there called Ben More and OTL has climbed all the way up to the top!

Looking for the Horseman!
There is a story of a Headless Rider that is supposed to appear in the glen and scare the tails of little doggies like us, so we sent OTL out first to check he was not around and that the eagles were back in bed!
Only after that would we get out for a wee!

Looking for Ticks!
We had a run along the old road but it started to rain again so we went back to the car. On the way, OTL and us got soaking wet and Holly picked up a Tick.

OTL got it out later when we got back to the caravan. So that only leaves TM to pick up a Tick and then we would all have picked up one this holiday! Mind you, OTL and mine were only crawling on us when OTL spotted them, but Holly had one that was digging it's way in to her skin. Luckily OTL has some special tools for getting them out in one bit, then he puts them down the Two Legs Poo Box!

After dinner of Lambs Liver and biscuits we had a gentle snooze before bed, dreaming of Headless Eagles climbing mountains on horse back!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly