Sunday, 20 March 2011

Home Alone!

Hello there,

Daisy & Holly here!

Have we had a strange day today. Old Two Legs was up early this morning, we got our normal run across the fields and boy was it cold! There was a deep frost on the ground and the cars were covered!

The frost did not last long 'cos as soon at the sun shone it just disappeared.

When we got back, we had our brush and The Missus gave us a whacking big bowl of chicken each, it was super!

Tails up and muzzles in girls!

That did not last very long and soon we had cleared the bowl and was looking for OTL for our little after breakfast snoozett.

OTL was all dressed up ready to go out, and he came down stairs, gave us both a stroke and went out the front door without us. About ten minutes later, TM was out the front door with all her card making stuff, we were on our own!

Seems OTL was out for one of his photography meetings, all day, and TM was off to her local Crop.

Well we thought, the house is ours!

We had a wonderful game of chase all over the place, upstairs in the bedrooms and out in the garden. We both had a sleep on their bed, it was lovely stretched out across their pillows!

A couple of hours later we heard TM come back to take us out for our midday walk, so that wasn't too bad and then we got taken up to the village hall to see the ladies who were 'Cropping'.

Busy doing Cropping!
There were Ooo's and Aaah's when we walked in and we had fun chasing each other all around the hall, having a sniff in the bags in case there was any food to be found!

Bag Sniffin for food!
No such luck, just the normal glue pots and and sparkle stuff!

Holly had an explore and found a notice she could not work out the reason for, why wash your 'hands' us puppies are clean girls, we don't handle our food.

Paws for Hand Washing!

We just shove our snouts into the bowl and bite lumps out. Much safer that way 'cos you never know what we tread in when we're out, glue, peel off's, pen ink, paints, sticky bits of sponge, well these Croppers are a strange bunch and you never know what they play with!

See you tomorrow, let's hope the sunshine is still here!


Daisy & Holly