Sunday, 23 January 2011

Smelly Salty Sea Dogs!

Hi you all!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been having a fun day today, we went out with Old Two Legs this morning across the fields and enjoyed a good run through the brambles looking for rabbits. We didn't find any but had a good time trying!

Now, remember yesterday when Holly hurt her leg and got carried by OTL for a while until she felt better? It put my nose out a little, her getting carried by OTL. So, this morning I made sure I got carried first, second and third! Yep, three times I got OTL to pick me up and carry me on his shoulder, not for long, just enough that Holly could see I got attention.

We went out again after lunch and we tried to get OTL to take us to the woods, but he decided to get some fresh air down by the beach. No problem, we love the beach for the different types of smell you get there!

The tide was right in so there wasn't much beach to play on, like no 'sandcastles today'!

High Tide
It was fun walking along and dodging the water as it came over the top of the sea wall, Holly got wet a couple of times. She didn't mind and said that she was a 'Salty Sea Dog'!

What Waves?
Dodging the Waves
I was walking along when I caught a whiff of a super smell on the beach, it was a real hum-dinger of a smell. I just could not resist it, so, I jumped down onto the beach to investigate, it was brilliant!

Rolling in something Smelly

It was so good I just had to have a roll in it and sort of work it into my back, so that's what I did. However, OTL was not too happy about that and started his shouting and jumping up and down act.

Holly thought it was a good laugh and jumped down onto the beach as well.

This was a good Gotcha for OTL, right up to the time when the waves started to get nearer and we found that the jump up from the beach was a little too high for us puppies. So, we began to bark, it was our 'OTL help us out of this mess we got into' type of bark.

OTL climbed down and picked us both up, he's a good OTL really!

That wasn't the end of it, when we got home, I got a really wet and soapy wash down to get rid of the smell which had sort of made all my fur stiff and sticky and really smelly.

Bet we won't go to the beach tomorrow!

See you soon,