Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

Well, the sun wasn't shining this morning but the wind wasn't so strong, still cold and blowing in off the North Sea still but you can feel a change in the air.

This morning Old Two Legs took Snowflake down to the garden for a sniff. She didn't get down on the ground 'cos she says the stones make her paws cold, what a wimp!

She stuck her nose right up in the air and had a sniff of the wind and she agreed there is a change coming but it will take a few days.

So, there you have it from The Ferret, and she knows about this sort of thing!

We went down to The Sea Wall for a walk and OTL only put up one of his hoods over his head and that's a sign it's getting warmer 'cos normally he has a hood then his hat and then another hood over all that!

OTL doesn't do cold!

Cold, Innit?
We tried to get OTL warmed up by having a game of 'Chase' on the beach, Holly got the ball and we both chased her around, kicking up the sand and shingle!

I Gorra The Ball!
 OTL tried chasing her as well but gave up 'cos he is too slow, or rather, we are just too FAST!

I Still Gorra The Ball!
 Lunch time we all went out together to do some deliveries, we went all over the place. This time we went in the big car and we do like it in the big car, you know, leather seats, arm rests and we can switch the heater on in the seat!

Back home The Missus was having visitors, Auntie Jane and Zoe and Paul and Ethan and Finley and Megan! We missed out on the food but said 'Hello' to everyone when we got back. I was really whacked out 'cos we stopped for a run in the New Park.

Now normally OTL has always got a poo bag in his pocket, no matter what coat or trousers he is wearing but today he didn't. He was wearing his 'Hi Viz' coat he uses when he is working and normally doesn't need poo bags.

Well, he had to jacket on and Holly and I decided to have an 'Afternoon Poo', in the Park, as you do!

Now OTL is pretty good about picking up the poo, so searching around in his pocket he found a plastic bag with a load of connectors in it. He emptied the connectors into his pocket and used to bag for both of us!

It was a good job the bag was 'Heavy Duty'!

Back home all we wanted to do is go to sleep but we had to stay up and play with everyone. I got a bit cross but a cuddle from OTL made it better, and the Choc Drops helped!

OTL even brought Snowflake down to say hello and she didn't bite anyone! 'Well', she said 'Children don't taste too good and I'd only nip them if it were an emergency and I was starving!'

 When they all left to go home, Holly and I crashed out in the office, I'll tell you, it can be hard work being a dog you know!

Now, Holly and I have been having a chat about Archie and being a CaverPoo! We have decided that it's a good job our Dad was a Bichon Frise. 

Just imagine the problem we would have if he was a poodle, we would be known as FoxPoo's!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake