Sunday, 14 July 2013

Snowflake Big Day Out.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back home at last!

Well, where do we start?

Let's start at four fifteen this morning, that was the time that Holly decided she wanted a wee and a wander around the garden, so, a couple of woofs and down came Old Two Legs doing his 'Bouncing off the Wall' trick!

He really wanted a good nights sleep and planned to get up early but the four fifteen bit was not as early as he had planned!

OTL got up an hour late this morning and blamed Holly!

Holly and I got our morning run along the Sea Wall while Snowflake stayed in bed enjoying a 'Late Snooze'

As soon as breakfast was over, off we went to the Kent County Show.

We arrived in plenty of time to get introduced to all the other ferrets on the stand. Holly and I stayed in the corner guarding the water bottles while OTL and Snowflake did the 'Social Rounds'!

Hi! I'm Snowflake!
There were all sorts of ferrets there, Silver ones and Sandy ones and Polecat looking ones and English Ferret (All white but black eyes) and Albino, like wot Snowflake is, all white and pink eyes!

Pleased to Meet you!
We were getting confused with all the names and it was a good job that Snowflake could remember them all!

Hi, are you racing today?
Some were awake and running about while most of the were enjoying a snooze, all curled up together!

Snowflake had a rest before the race and was all ready for the off!

As expected she was put into the starting box by OTL and told which way to run!

The count down started and then they were off!

First out of the gate!
All the other ferrets raced down the tube, some turned around and at one point one was even given a 'Shove' by one of the helpers, which OTL started to call out 'Cheat' and 'Fix' and 'Foul Play'!

This See Saw is Tricky!
Well, we didn't cheat and in the end Snowflake finished the course and came out the end in fine style, last!
The Last Bridge.
We didn't care, we had cheered and woofed and booed at the others and cheered even louder when Snowflake came out the end of the pipe. You know, there were some that didn't even finish!

Well, after the race it was decided that Snowflake should have a rest and was put into a big cage, all on her own. OTL got into discussing the merits of getting a mate for Snowflake and as we didn't know what she would be like with another ferret in her cage, a big (castrated) Hob was put in the cage with her.

OTL was worried in case she would get attacked by the male and kept a close eye on what was happening.

First of all it was 'Nose Sniffing' then 'Butt Sniffin' then Snowflake started to chase after this Hob!

She was cuddling up to him, then licking his ear, then grabbing him at the back of the neck, then she went back to licking his ear and generally being a Big Tart!

Wot Sleepy Eyes you have!
OTL decided to leave them alone for a while, just to see what happens and go off to do a bit of shopping. Holly and I both got a new cushion type sleeping bed which is real posh and dead comfortable!

OTL decided that it maybe a good idea to get us all home before it got too hot, so back to the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre stand to collect Snowflake.

Well, you wouldn't believe it, there was our little Snowflake, curled up in bed with the big hob! Both of them snoring their heads off, cuddled up in a 'Ferret Doughnut' and he even had one paw over her shoulder!

Well! Says OTL, 'And what do we have here!'

Holly and I both were Gob Smacked, 'What a Tart' says Holly, 'leave her for five minutes and look what happens!'

We heard OTL saying to the lady from the centre that he will 'Call her and make an appointment to see her next week'. So it looks like Snowflake is off to find a mate next week!

We got back to the car and OTL got a fresh bottle of water out and filled our bowl. Holly was about to dive in for a drink when Snowflake shoved her snout in first and began to lap the water, pausing just long enough to mention that ear wax tastes Yuk!

Ear Wax is Yuk!
'Well', says Holly, 'Keep your tongue in your mouth next time and hurry up I'm thirsty!'

Well, that's it for now, we are all too hot to bother with anything else, except that OTL and The Missus are going potty over a Lilly Flower that has poked it's head up out of the water and is threatening to bloom in the next couple of days!

The First Lilly Flower!
It's all go here you know!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Tart!)