Sunday, 22 December 2013

Good News, Summer is on its Way!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Did you notice anything yesterday? Well, it was the shortest day of the year, light wise that is, so now, the days will be getting longer and the nights shorter!

So keep a watch out 'cos Summer is on its way!

Mind you, looking at the weather forecast for the next twenty four hours I think there is some sort of storm heading our way, so keep your heads down!

Old Two Legs felt it was his duty to take us out this morning 'cos he said that there was no way The Missus would be able to control two dogs AND two ferrets at the same time! Mind you, OTL does have problems sometimes!

Off we went and as normal Snowflake stayed in OTL's pocket until we hit the beach then she was saying that the beach was too wet!

Come on Girl before the tide makes it wet again!
By the time we had got Miss Snowflake up and running we had a visitor, by the name of Bryn, who stopped to say hello and pass on some info regarding the sniffs by the rubbish bin on the hill. He stuck his head over the Sea Wall and said 'Hello' to the ferrets who by now were running along the Sea Wall base.

A Bit Windy but the Sniffs are good and Strong!
It was about then that the sun shone through the clouds and OTL took a couple of snaps but the sunbeams disappeared just as quickly as they arrived. What he needs is his big camera that takes quicker pictures than his little 'Point and Shoot'!

Hello Sunbeam!
 While we were looking at the sunbeam we didn't notice a young Westie that came galloping along the Sea Wall, he stopped, peered over the Sea Wall and asked the ferrets 'Wot are You'?

Next thing we knew he had jumped down onto the beach, just as OTL lifted both ferrets up onto the top of the Sea Wall!

Wot are You?
 By then his owner had arrived and clipped him onto the lead and marched him off down the Sea Wall path. They had got right down the other end and were about to turn the corner when he got unclipped from the lead. What did he do? He turned around and ran all the way back, peered over the wall and said 'Well, wot are you?'

You see, he had never seen ferrets before and was very curious! He jumped down again but this time OTL had both ferrets close and let the Westie have a sniff of both of them and they had a sniff of his nose as well. OTL was worried in case Mr Brambles decided to take a chunk out of the Westie's nose but there was no trouble and the owner came puffing along the path waving the lead again. 'Oh Blow!' says the Westie, 'I'm in the Poo again!'

Mr Brambles said that he was lucky 'cos he got let off the lead, OTL wouldn't let him or Snowflake off the lead until they got home!

Rock Climbing is difficult when your roped up with OTL!
 Back home to a breakfast of Doggy Scoff, you can tell TM is too busy playing with her new stencils to make us a proper breakfast, just wait until she wants a cuddle, I'll point her towards the stencils, let's see how 'cuddly' they are!

Lunchtime came and I was in OTL's office watching him wrap up some Christmas Presents. Snowflake for some reason wanted to get out of the cage, you could tell that 'cos she was rattling the cage door like crazy! OTL opened the door and gave her a cuddle and some Ferretone and a couple of Ferret Nibbles that she loves!

Then back into the cage but she was still rattling the door, in fact it was obvious that she was not going back to sleep, unlike Mr Brambles who was flat on his back with all four paws in the air!

I asked OTL 'Can we go out?' and he said 'Yes, and we're taking Miss Snowflake as well!

That was it, we were off down to the beach again, leaving Mr B who was still fast asleep, paws in air, snoring his head off!

Snowflake didn't climb into OTL's pocket but stayed resting on his arm with her nose tucked into his jacket!

Down on the beach she started off by ferreting around the Sea Weed to see if there were any new sniffs brought in by the high tide.

Mmmm! This one is new!
 Then she dived into the Sea Weed that had been washed ashore and had a great time digging into it and shoving her nose right underneath and throwing it over her back!

I think someone wee'd on this Weed!
Holly was interested in the wee sniff and pronounced it was Lobster Wee 'cos it was hiding under a rock!
I'd know a Lobster Wee anywhere!
 Snowflake said that she wasn't interested in Lobsters 'cos they have all their bones on the outside of their body and were difficult to get into!

You can keep the Lobster I'd rather have a Chicken, all Raw and Wriggly!
Back home again and off for a snooze while OTL falls asleep in front of the television, well, it's Sunday and it's the only time he can do that!

Not sure what is for muggins tonight, maybe a Gammon Steak!

See you tomorrow and watch out for the windy weather!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.