Monday, 8 July 2013

The Best Way to Cool Off!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

Wot a hot day today! It was bad enough last night, Holly just couldn't get on with the heat and woofed to go out in the garden at two, then three fifteen, three forty five and finally at four this morning!

In the end, Old Two Legs left the back door open and went back to bed saying he'd had enough!

Snowflake was up good and early to get ready for her morning training run. We started on the beach, as normal but she took a moment or two to get going. Saying that some dog kept her awake last night with its woofing!

Really! We said, we didn't hear a thing!

Soon she was off and as normal, we did a bit of cross country running as well!

This morning we got a reply from an email OTL sent trying to track down the Two Legs running the Ferret Racing Stand at the Kent County Show.

It seems that he is not running it but has given us the name of the Two Legs who is. It turns out to be the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre that have that pleasure!

OTL has sent an email to enquire if Snowflake could get a 'Start' and we are still waiting for a reply.

However, the first email went to the Kent Ferret Club who are running two shows and they have invited Snowflake along to both shows and also she will get a 'Free Entry' in the races!

The only problem is, one of the days is right in the middle of the Kent County Show!

So, we are guaranteed a race on the 3rd August and, depending on the reply we get from the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre, we will have to choose which one to go to!

Decisions, Decisions!

This afternoon we went down to the New Park and of course, the Swimming Hole!

I was first in and it was just Great!

Me, Keeping my Bits Cool!
It was great paddling about and splashing and blowing bubbles in the water! I just wish OTL had remembered to bring the ball!

OK, Who had the ball last?
Holly was telling us about the time she entered the Rock Diving Competition and how she showed all the other competitors just how it should be done!

Me, I'm a Rock Diving Champion!
She said that she doesn't do it any more owing to her 'Bad Leg'!

Yeah! Right! Pull the other one Porkie!

Mind you, she did join me in the water for a splash about but at no time would she get her tummy wet!

Do I Look a Cool Dude or Wot?
 She had a wander up and down the edge and at one time, forgot where she was and sat down in the water!

But not for long!

Now I got Wet Bits!

 Back home Snowflake has been snoozing the day away. She says that the best thing a ferret can do in this weather is to retire to her 'Snoozy Place' and wait until the sun goes down!

We are all crossing our claws and wishing they confirm our place in the KCS race and OTL says that he will even bring along the Video Camera and take pictures!

Holly says that we should have the theme from Chariots of Fire played while watching Snowflake run!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake