Thursday, 15 May 2014

Toll Roads?

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles back on our first 'Real' day!

We are in Tobermory and are searching out all the places we have been to in the past. Like the Ardmore Forest that is shut until the middle of June! You know, even we couldn't hold on until then!

OTL took us up to the Communication Towers at the top of a big hill yesterday and after that we had a really good time running around the field where the caravan is parked.

This morning we went back up the hill again and Old Two Legs let us off the lead as soon as we got past the 'Cattle Grid' 'cos yesterday we didn't see any Sheep or Coo's on the hill.

Today was different!

About half way up the hill we noticed there were fresh piles of cow poo on the road, this is a 'Danger Sign'!

Then we spotted them.

Hiding in the heather and giving us the old 'Hairy Eyeball' were these Highland Coo's!

We See Yoooo!
 And on the Hill!

I see yoo as well!

We skipped past them and headed up to the top of the hill where we could see for miles!

It was great fun chasing after the rabbit sniffs, but we didn't find one rabbit anywhere, but it was still fun jumping in and over all the heather!

We found a rock ledge and posed for OTL to take a picture, sort of 'Rock Maidens'!

Rock Maidens of Mull!
We decided to go down the hill but not on the road, this time we would go down across all the heather in in and out of the gullies and crags!

Going the Sneaky Way!
As we got close to the bottom of the hill we saw that one of the coo's had parked itself in the middle of the road, looking to collect a toll from us. Obviously they hadn't met OTL before!

Show Us Yer Wallet!
OTL called the 'Highway Robbers' and we all laughed at them for thinking they could outsmart OTL's wallet!

MacHolly was keeping a close watch for Wild Haggis and even managed to stand on her back legs to peer over the rocks!

It's a Wild Haggis!
MacHolly doesn't normally stand on her back legs!

Back at the caravan OTL took the ferrets for a run around the field. They were sniffing everywhere and at one point Miss MacSnowflake managed to dive into a rock pile and get stuck, so OTL had to pull her back out again. She was all muddy and mucky and had to be washed down with a wet cloth to get most of the muck off!

Just Sniffing The Sniffs!
Snowy Heights is located in the awning, on top of three chairs, to keep the damp and ticks from getting to the ferrets and the bedding! MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake think it is great having fresh air to sniff! In the evening they come in, before it gets damp, and set up home in the 'Travelling Cage' ready for bed time.

Snowy Heights!
OTL lets them out in the caravan and they have a great time chasing eachother around the caravan and investigating all the nooks and crannies! Mind you, OTL has to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't get too excited and do a wee or poo on the carpet!

Remember how poor OTL wasn't looking forward to gallons of Hot Chocolate being poured down his throat while up loading the blog? Well, this year he went into the shop and was told that the Wi-Fi was not available!

So, of he went down the High Street and found one in the bakers shop, it also had some tables and chairs where you could get a bite to eat! So, there he was, a big cup of coffee and a big sticky bun on a plate, uploading the blog. The problem was, no mains power to computer and the batteries only last half an hour from a 'Full Charge'!

So, up loading the pictures and stuff, he forgot to 'Spell Check' for me, so, pleese exkuse any speelin mistooks on yesterdays bloG!

See you all tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!