Friday, 9 January 2015

Back with OTL Again!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You can tell Old Two Legs is back, the sun is shining!

The ferrets were glad to see him yesterday and this morning they were going potty to get out and have a run around the house! Mr Brambles left another 'Calling Card' in the kitchen but OTL cleared it up and gave the area a quick squirt with the 'Doggy Disinfectant' before The Missus found out!

Miss Snowflake said she was getting 'Cabin Fever' being locked up in the cage all day and night!

So, the mornings run on the beach was great, the sun had got up and Miss Snowflake was the first to the Wee'ing Rock'!

It's OK, I've found my Wee'ing Rock!
 Mind you, after she had finished all she wanted was to get back into the bag again!

OK, can I get back for a cuddle?
As OTL says, No Chance! She had to get some exercise so he left her to run along the beach chasing us!

Mr Brambles was still having problems with the steps and asked if there was another way up to the grass path!

Holly said that he should curl up in a ball and we would roll him around up the grass path!

He didn't think that was a good idea!

Someone give me a lift!
Back home to a big bowl of Ox Heart, all warm and cut into doggy bite size chunks!

Lunch time we were off down The Forest, it was terribly muddy, I mean, like really Deep Quaggy Mud!

OTL had his wellies on and we god seriously muddy tums!

We spent a lot of the walk walking off the side of the path 'cos the mud was too deep!

Keep to the side and it's OK!
We met up with a couple of woofers who reckoned that the mud was seriously deep a bit further along the path!

It's deep back there, go around!
 Holly thought that was a good bit of advice and headed off across country!

This is better!
 As we were going through the muddy path we heard a big crashing sound and thought that a tree was falling down, instead, we spotted what we thought was a giant squirrel. Then, on closer inspection we decided it was a Two Legs pretending to be a squirrel!

A TL Squirrel?
 I mean, a TL Squirrel? Whatever next?

OTL said that it could be a Rock Climber wanting to get some practise in or even a Tree Surgeon getting some tree climbing experience!

Just don't jump!
 I wanted to make him feel at home and suggested I give him a really good woofing just so he would think he was a proper squirrel!

OK, Can I Woof Now?
 OTL said that it would be wrong to woof 'cos he may be scared and fall off!

Yeah! Right!

Back home for a snooze before dinner.

Before any of that though..............all together now!


And you thought we would forget!

How old is that now? Three we reckon this end of the world!

Have a super evening and as it's your birthday you can mug anything you like from the TL's dinner plate tonight!

Tomorrow we are out with OTL, he is off to do some work, so we will be guarding his tools for him and woofing off anyone who dares to come close!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles