Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Another Hot and Noisy Day

Hi Folks,

It's Daisy & Holly here again.

We've been very good girls today, Holly has not dug any holes in the garden and I've not helped her!

What are we after? Why bless my tail, what makes you think we are after anything?

Mind you, now that you mention it, a paddling pool would go down a treat!

We have been sitting in front of the air fan, getting our fur ruffled and cooling our noses as well. It was a bit scary to begin with but we soon worked out that it was safe AND it cooled us down a bit.

We've been out to the Sea Wall again and this time we had a paddle in the sea, Old Two Legs was walking along the beach with us and he found a Nelly Fish washed up on the beach. We'd never seen one before but he told us not to touch it 'cos it has stings in it's tail and it would hurt us. So we left it alone 'cos OTL was serious when he said that!

Don't Touch the Nelly Fish!

We also saw That Rabbit again, you know, the one that sits outside it's burrow and blows raspberry's at us so that we will chase him and when we get there, he's gone!

Rabbit's Gone Again!
Well he did it again and Holly and I chased after him, we nearly got him. Next time we will try setting a trap!

We got back home and we heard a load of crashing and banging going on, OTL says it's a thunderstorm out to sea, which is OK as long as it stays there. Holly was getting a little worried 'cos she don't like big bangs and fireworks that go whizzz and pop!

So we stayed with OTL in the office until it stopped. First of all there was some wind then all of a sudden the rain came down, heavily, for about five minutes, then all the rain stopped and the noise stopped.

Then we went back to sleep on his bed!

We know how to ride a storm!

Didn't it come down, the roof looked like it had a layer of mist on it where the water was bouncing off the tiles. Every time it went Boom, Holly and I woofed to show we weren't scared, much.

Tomorrow we have asked if we can go to The Farm, 'cos we haven't been there for a week or two and the sniffs must have changed and there might be new foxes and badgers and other stuff we are missing out on.

So claws crossed for a sunny day and a gentle breeze!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly