Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Busy Day for OTL

Hi! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again today!

Well, wot a lot of comments yesterday! I mean, Sausage got more response and comments that Holly's Grumbly Tum!

Yes, it was a shame Snowflake didn't want a new friend but in the end it is her we worry about and if she don't want a new mate then she will just have to put up with Old Two Legs and us!

Mind you, she is having great fun teasing the Page 3 Girls by climbing all over their cage when they can't get out!

This morning OTL had to pack up all the tools and go back to work again. Today he has been working on Dustbin Lorries mending the radios and installing new ones.

He took us out first thing and today he took the Page 3 Girls 'cos yesterday he took Snowflake out nearly all day and the girls missed out on a rampage along the beach. So, Snowflake got a run around the house while the girls had an early morning rampage with OTL!

Windy, Cold and Just right for a Rampage!
Both of the girls have discovered a new game. It's called. 'Lets Run Up OTL's Leg'

April discovered it 'cos she is always trying to get back into the bag by running up OTL's trouser leg, some times she makes it and other times she falls off!

Not today!

With the aid of the Sea Wall!
 It was so funny to see her go charging up the wall that May decided she just had to have a go as well!

Two Legs, Two Ferrets!
 Seems the Sea Wall comes in handy!

Back up on the top path, I was telling April all about the Winter time and how we start off with Frost.

Now it seems that the girls have never seen frost or snow 'cos they have always been inside, so, I explained what frost and snow was and how it was so cold it tickled you nose and whiskers!

Now the girls are looking forward to the first frosts of Autumn!

Frost is terrific!
 Back home we said Bye, bye to OTL as he headed off to play with the Dustbin Lorries and get all smelly!

The Missus took us out at lunch time, still windy and wet and guess what? She forgot the camera!

Snowflake got a run around the house and she was playing with a towel that TM was dragging around for Snowflake to chase and grab.

Great fun and she was dooking all the time, Snowflake that is, not TM!

OTL got back late and of course we gave him a big Woofers Welcome.

He is downstairs at the moment finishing off his curry, so we are going down to see what there is to mug when he gets the shortbread and whisky out!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.