Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Back to Normal Again!

Hi Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, yesterday I wasn't too happy, what with my bad leg and generally missing out on sniffs!

I spent most of the time curled up on Old Two Legs lap or in my bed, wrapped up in one of the ferrets blankets and feeling sorry for myself!

By the evening I was feeling much better, the pain had gone and I was jumping up and down off the sofa chasing Holly around for a nibble of her carrot!

This morning was fun, Holly showed me all the sniffs I missed yesterday and I found a couple of others as well!

Snowflake was doing her 'Beach Shark' impersonation, which had us all laughing our tails off!

Beach Shark!
Back home we all enjoyed a mornings snoozing and chewing on some rawhide chews!

Well, in fact, we were chewing on Hollies chew, you see she had been giving it a good chew last night and it had got to the point where the seriously tasty bit was in the middle when The Missus took it away from her.

TM doesn't like us eating chews on the bed when TM is trying to get to sleep!

During the morning I had found it and was giving it a good chew while Holly was on the floor, close up to me, trying the old intimidation trick.

That doesn't work on me and I kept it until I had a needed a rest. Holly all this time was grumbling under her breath and making such a noise that OTL cut the chew in half, gave us both half each and told Holly not to show off so much!

It didn't work really 'cos I went over to her and sat there giving her the old 'Hairy Eyeball' and put her off the chew all together!

I don't care if OTL gave it to you, I WANT IT BACK!
We both sat there for an hour before OTL got fed up and said the magic word, WALKIES!

Lunchtime we were off again to the beach and today the tide was well out, OTL said it wouldn't come in until six tonight and we decided not to wait!

Instead we  went off investigating sniffs!

Sharing a sniff with Sis!
Out on the mud there were loads of birds digging the worms and crustaceans for lunch. We recon they were nearly all Godwits, loads and loads there were!

Loads of Godwits!
A bit closer to the beach Mrs Corvid was having a paddle in the rock pools looking for a tasty morsel!

Seen any good whelks?
Holly and I jumped up on the table to try to count the Godwits but we had to give up in the end as our eyes kept on going wobbly!

Up in the air!
We headed for home and Holly rushed in to grab the rawhide chew she left on the coffee table, any one would think I would try to pinch it!

As if!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.