Thursday, 17 January 2013

More Frost, No Snow, Yet!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

Old Two Legs didn't win the lottery last night, so it's back to Doggy Scoff!

Mind you, it was a late night last night, well for us and OTL it was. We stayed up singing songs and watching OTL eat his shortbread and drink his whisky and not even offer us any!

Well, it was his birthday and we are supposed to be on a diet!

So, after the late night, we had a late start to the day, even Snowflake was still asleep!

Holly had to be shoved off the sofa to go out for the morning walk, she really didn't want to move!

Down on The Sea Wall it was frosty again and OTL went off looking for frosty plants and found this sea weed that was all frosty and sparkly!

Frosty Sea Weed
 As the tide was out, we had a good game of 'Chase The Ball' and even Holly joined in the game! Mind you, she soon got fed up and went back to cataloguing the sniffs on the path!

We spotted a Redshank standing in one of the pools and he was talking to his reflection, really strange! Holly reckons he was cracking up but I said he was practising for the Spring when he would be looking for a mate!

Hi! Do you come here often?
 It was at that point that Mr Corvid flew over with his breakfast and was looking for somewhere quiet so he could enjoy it in peace!

Morning Girls, can't stop, breakfast calls!
 A bit further on we pointed out a strange sight to OTL, a 'Steaming Tree'! Now, you don't see one of those every day! Holly asked when it would burst into flames, just like the cloud did yesterday!

 Holly said that while it may be a bit draughty after a haircut, one good thing was that she could see what was around, so much better than when her hair covered her eyes!

I can Seeeeee!
 It was a pity she couldn't see what was making the tree steam!

Back home to a brush and a snooze on the sofa until lunch time. When we got down to the beach the sea looked very strange, no wind, no waves and strange colours!

Strange Light on the sea.
 It didn't stop us having fun with OTL throwing the ball and then chasing me into the grass!

Holly spotted what she called an 'Inshore Lugger' but I think it's just called a Cargo Vessel! OTL said it looked strange with the sea and sky behind it, so he took a photo!

An Inshore Lugger says Holly!

Back home OTL was bashing away on the computer 'cos he had a customer arriving tomorrow to pick up some stuff!

We have got Jane and Ian coming over for a visit and a meal and of course we will be introducing them to Snowflake then offering them an 'Offer They Can't Refuse'

Give us some of your dinner or we will let Snowflake loose on you!

We'll let you know how we got on!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy , Holly and Snowflake (The Attack Ferret!)