Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Don't She Look Smart!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It is the first sign that Autumn is arriving, we looked out the window and it was all misty type of foggy! You know, the sort of morning mist that lands on the spiders webs and makes it look like it's hung with jewels!

The grass was also damp and wet and soaked us all! Old Two Legs had to give us all a rub down in the back of the car after our morning walk!

You should have seen OTL this morning on the rowing machine! There he was, rowing away and wobbling around the office and the ferrets were trying to keep up with him. As he went back, they rushed down one end of the cage in the direction of his motion of travel, then they rushed back to the other end as he propelled himself forward to take another stroke!

When he stopped, they had arrived at the far end of the cage and as OTL started back again, they rushed back down the way they had come!

It was so funny! This carried on for about three minutes until the ferrets ran out of puff and collapsed onto the cushion laughing their tails off!

Mind you, they stopped laughing when the Lactose Free Milk arrived!

Slurping in Black & White!
OTL seems to be getting the hang of is now, this morning he managed four hundred strokes in eleven and a half minutes, so we can see some improvement in his rowing technique, not in the reduction in size of his tummy!

When we came back from the walk The Missus gave us our breakfast and then disappeared out of the front door in a rush. She was off to have her hair done at the Two Legs Parlour!

Now, no matter what you think about the hair cut, the secret is to go Oooooh! and Aaaaaaah! and point at her hair at the same time!

We have discovered that if we do that when she comes back, we get a treat!

So, all together, Oooooooh! Aaaaaah! and 'Don't that look Good!

Lunch time we were out down the Sea Wall again, it was too hot for running about but as the tide was in I had a little paddle, just to cool off my bits!

Cool Bits!
Of course, little Miss Goody Four Paws stayed well out of the water and enjoyed a sun bathe while I was in the water!

Yeah! Warm and Dry!
The fishermen were teaching the worms to swim but not having much success, still, they were getting a good tan!

No food but there's a Wormy Sniff here!
Of course, Miss Goody Four Paws kept on bleating about how smart she looks especially as she had stayed warm and dry!

Hey! Do I look good or wot?
Holly found a cool spot under the table while watching OTL snapping away!

Cool Man, Really Cool!
The only photo worth looking at was the butterfly a Silver Studded Blue, of which we have a few along the Sea Wall!

Yet another Common Blue
So that's it, we are off to see what OTL has got for dinner tonight, of course, we will have to test it first, just to make sure it's edible!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.