Monday, 7 March 2016

OTL is in The Poo, TM is not Happy and the ferrets are showing off!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Grumpy Freddy de Ferret!

Oh dear! it has been one of those days when not matter what he does, Old Two Legs manages to get it wrong!

It started this morning when he let May and April out for breakfast and April did a little 'Marker Poo' in the corner. OTL, quick as a flash leans down to pick up the poo with the very handy 'Poo Shovel' when May comes running over and gives him a playful nip on the arm.

'Oh Golly Gosh' spake OTL jumping back. In his haste to get out of the way of May, he managed to flip the contents of the Poo Shovel into the air where it circumscribed a gentle arc, returning to earth where OTL's hand was waiting to catch it!

Splat went the poo, Sh**! spake OTL, that's right said May!

May was rolling on her back laughing her tail off while April was just too busy slurping the milk from the Doggy Bowl on the floor!

On our walk the wind was blowing the cold stuff about and we all decided to 'Get a Move On' and get back home ASAP!

May didn't think much when she was told to 'Hurry Up' half way through a wee!

Can't a Girl have a Wee in Peace?
Back home we left OTL to get on with his stuff while Holly and I went off in search of breakfast, we found it, caramelised ox heart!

Well, it was more than caramelised, it was like chewing old boots! The Missus blamed OTL 'cos she was busy on FaceAche telling the world that the latest video was located in the wrong place!

Seems OTL hit the wrong button and sent it to my account instead of TM's!

OTL doubly in the poo this time!

Lunchtime was not any better for OTL, there he was, trying his best to get us all out for a walk in the sunshine when the sunshine went behind a cloud. The wind was still cold and was blowing right up the ferrets tail!

Couple that with the missing ferret leads and yoke!

OTL had left it at home, so, the only thing left to do was to loan our lead and yoke to the ferrets so they could get a walk!

They were not too happy about that and when you look at the photo you can see it was a bit 'Over The Top'!

We're Ferrets not big Woofers!
First Wendy would stop for a sniff and Freddy would be dragging her along the beach, then Freddy stopped for a wee and Wendy would pull him off his paws!

In the end Freddy started to howl and say his legs had fallen off and if OTL didn't pick them and Wendy up he would report OTL to the Ferret Rescue Centre!

My Paws, My Paws, I can't feel my Paws!
That was it, OTL picked them up, Wendy and Freddy got a lift all the way to the car!

Back home again and Shona, the Landlady OTL and Alun stayed with on Orkney sent an email with some pictures of the Aurora last night.

OTL was not happy and is now talking of making another trip up there at the end of this year!

If only OTL could see the Aurora down South!
I must admit, it does look super and even TM said she wanted a print of it so she can make a card!

OTL said that he is on the last bottle of Highland Park, an Orkney Whisky, so that is a good reason for going back!

Yeah! Right! I can see TM letting him out again!

See you all tomorrow and keep up with the snuggles Archie Babe, when these TL's are all snotty they need extra care!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.