Sunday, 13 September 2015

Off Tomorrow!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here!

Oooo! It's getting all exciting here, tomorrow we are off and today we have been packing things in the caravan and the car. Both ferret cages are in the car complete with Poo Pots and food bowls and water bottles! Old Two Legs has pinched the two corner sleeping bags that hang up in a corner of the cage, of course! That's why they're called Corner Sleeping Bags! They are now in the Holiday Cages.

The ferrets have to put up with a couple of round sleeping beds until the morning!

Miss May 'Fell' into Snowflake and Brambles cage this morning and silly girl, she woke Snowflake up, 'cos she stuck her nose in where Snowflake was sleeping and Snowflake didn't like it, and, that's when the fight started!

OTL was on hand to separate the pair and although there was a lot of noise, there was very little damage!

In fact, Snowflake had a cuddle with OTL then went back to sleep!

May was right put out and when she was put back into her own cage, she picked on April and had to go into the 'Naughty Cage' until she cooled down!

It was a bit cool and damp this morning when we went out for our walk and when we arrived, we spotted a couple of rabbits from the car.

That was it, Holly was woofing like mad to get out and chase them, and, as soon as OTL opened the car door, we were off like a couple of rockets!

Unfortunately, Holly's barking had scared the rabbits and they had headed back home, so, by the time we got out, they had gone!
OK, Where did they go?
We had a good time down on the beach, Holly found something to roll in and I got to dig a hole!

A woofer came along that we had seen before but never actually met, nose to nose!

OTL said hello to him and found out his name was Barney! So now we have Barney I, II and III!

The Names Barney, Barney De Woof!
To begin with he looked all too fierce but within a few seconds he was slobbering all over OTL!

He didn't hang about 'cos he was on a strict training schedule and needed to get going! 

When we got up to the Sea Wall, Holly spotted Albert wandering along the path. Off she went, galloping along the wall and soon arrived where Albert was sniffing.

That was it, he stopped immediately and the pair of them danced about for a bit!

Albert and The Tart!
I think that Albert is a bit of a rough looking dog and I'm a bit wary of him. Holly on the other paw, she thinks he is a 'Sweetheart'!

Yeah! What ever turns you on Tart Chops!

Back home OTL has been sneaking our stuff into the caravan and the car. He has told us that all the nibbles, including some soft chicken strips for the ferrets, has been stashed away in the top cupboards. He has also managed to take some of The Missus's stuff from one cupboard and pile it into a cupboard that she has stored some other crafty stuff. That means she thinks she has more stuff than there is really there!

Crafty or wot?

Trouble is, when she finds out what has happened, it will be too late to go back home for more stuff, so, she will be wanting to go to Gretna Green Designer Outlet Centre for more stash!

Lunchtime it was raining. Not much but enough to get damp. April came out of the ferret bag, had a Wee and a Poo then climbed straight back and refused to come out until the car was in sight!

Miss May spent more time running and sniffing and getting wet! It was a good job that OTL had brought the towel with him 'cos we all got a good rub down when we got back to the car!

This way to the car, Holly's got the map!
Back home it was the final bits to be loaded and then we are all to have an early night 'cos we have to be up early in the morning!

So, bye bye for now and tomorrow the blog might be a little late, it all depends on the traffic on the road 'Up North'!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.